What to see in Cedeira and surroundings, Galicia (with map)

If you are looking for one fishing village, you have reached the right place. Around the small Cedeira estuary you will find everything that, by definition, has to have a fishing village. From the narrow streets to the port, passing through the beach. But, as if that were not enough, there is also a castle and viewpoints from which to enjoy unforgettable sunsets. Do you want more? Well, there are the surroundings... Decided, you have already written it down to visit on your next trip and we have not yet told you everything in detail. What to see in Cedeira and surroundings.

What to see in Cedeira Salto
Jumping in the old town of Cedeira

The small town with narrow streets and whitewashed or colored buildings has grown on the other side of the Condomiñas River that flows into the estuary. But we, like most tourists, will stay in the old area, on the right bank. That's where most of them are. places to visit in Cedeira.

Then you will need the car: sanctuaries, cliffs, beaches... the council from Cedeira and surroundings they are not wasted either. Save yourself a couple of days to explore the area in depth.


What to see in Cedeira

First of all, it must be taken into account that Cedeira is a town, a parish and a municipality. To begin with, we will stay in the parish, in fact, in the walled medieval area. You will be able to walk to all of these places to see in Cedeira.

The narrow streets of the historic center

The first what to see in Cedeira it had to be him old town. The narrow streets, perpendicular to Calle Real, are full of whitewashed or brightly colored houses, in which the glazed balconies They are the house brand. As in other coastal areas of Galicia, the bridges of the ships took control of the facades of the buildings. It seems that the fishermen wanted to look out over the sea and take the helm from their living rooms.

Cedeira Terraces Street
The glazed balconies of Cedeira

He Cedeira old town It is from medieval times and, at that time, it had a Wall that surrounded him. Before you say anything, no, there is no wall left. But you can find QR codes: they remember where the four doors and they lead to the videos that the students of CEIP Nicolás del Río recorded explaining their history. You can see them in the Web of cars of Cedeira.

What to see in Cedeira Rectoral Square Town Hall Library
The municipal library in the Plaza de la Rectoral

Between the alleys, appears the Rectory square. An open space surrounded by large buildings. It caught our attention old town halltoday municipal library, with white walls highlighted with yellow albero on beams and cornices. Also white, but without color details, is the façade of the church of Santa Maria do Maranother building that you cannot miss in Cedeira.

What to see in Cedeira Rosalia de Castro
A mural by Rosalía de Castro

On the banks of the Condomiñas river is the other square of the old town: the Fish Square. There is the Rua Ponte Nova that crosses the river towards the new part of the city.

The walk along the Cedeira estuary

Without crossing the bridge, we kept to the left of the mouth of the Condomiñas River. There we toured part of the –if the promenade is by the sea and the fluvial one is by the river, would it be a “riátimo” promenade or a “fluvialo” promenade?– path along the Cedeira estuaryhe marina walkwith its lawn and its benches on which to rest admiring the views.

What to see in Cedeira, Paseo Rio Condominas
The Paseo de la Marina, with the Magdalena beach

At the end of the walk is the entrance to the Cedeira port. Before, halfway, there is the Seas of Cedeira Museum. We have to confess that the day was more for walking than for going into museums and we didn't go in.

Magdalena Beach

If the heat is too hot or if you don't want to miss the chance to bathe in Cedeirayou have it easy: on the other side of the rúa Ponte Nova begins the La Magdalena urban beach, Praia da Madalena. More than a kilometer of sand with calm waters, protected from the winds and currents, at the bottom of the estuary. When we visited Cedeira, in June, it was not yet the season for bathing. In addition, the waters of Galicia are not particularly warm. We content ourselves with looking at the beach from the Paseo de la Marina.

What to see in Cedeira Magdalena Beach
Praia da Madalena

It's not the only one beach in the parish of Cedeirapast the port entrance is the area longa beach. We saw it from the viewpoint of the Castillo de la Concepción.

The Castle of the Conception

Yes, as we said, there is also a castle and, obviously, it is among the things what to see in Cedeira. Well, more than the castle itself, the views from it. He Conception Castlealso called Fortin de la Concepcion, was built in the eighteenth century at the top of Punta Sarridal. Its 15 cannons were guarding the entrance to the estuary until the middle of the 19th century.

What to see in Cedeira Castle Concepcion Baterias
The batteries of the Castillo de la Concepción

We go around the outer wall to see the estuary and the cliffs of the southern area. There is no doubt that the place was perfect to avoid pirate attacks. If you also go around it, you will see some natural pools built in the estuary.

What to see in Cedeira Castillo Concepcion Pool
The pools of the estuary

We have said that you can get there on foot, it is just over 20 minutes from the Rectoral square. The other option is to arrive by car to the port car park. Of course, the path always ends with the stairs to the castle.

The views from San Antonio de Corveiro

until the hermitage of San Antonio de Corveiro you can also get there walking. Going up from the center of the old town, up the slope, you will reach the viewpoint in just over half an hour. You can also arrive by car to the same door…

What to see in Cedeira San Antonio Corveiro Sunset
The sunset from the hermitage of San Antón de Corveiro

We approached the hermitage of San Anton de Corveiro to enjoy the sunset from the viewpoint. One of the best among the many we saw in Ferrolterra, and it is that this area is full of panoramic views that you will want to take home with you.

The boat trip through the Cedeira estuary and the Ártabra coast

From Cedeira the boats that travel the estuary and the coast of Ártabra with its cliffs over 600 meters high. The departure depends a lot on the sea conditions, when we were there they were not the most suitable. Come on, we're left wanting to see the coast from the water… Come see if they come out when you're there.

What to see in Cedeira Costa Jet Ski
View of the estuary from the fortress

What to see around Cedeira

We move away from the historic center. Do not think that everything was already done: there are more places What to see around Cedeira. Keep in mind that the council It is made up six parishes. In addition to Cedeira itself, Cerbo, Esteiro, San Xiao de Montoxo, Piñeiro, Régoa and San Román de Montoxo. And, that you can also leave the council and continue near Cedeira.

Saint Andrew of Teixido

To the sanctuary of San Andrés de Teixido I'm dead or I wasn't alive. We say no more. Be careful, the "go dead" thing has a trick, it could be as a soul in pain or as a new life in the form of a lizard, toad, snake... To avoid the curse and because the place deserves it, do not miss the opportunity to visit him. We liked it so much that we have dedicated an article to it: San Andrés de Teixido, the sanctuary and the legend.

San Andre de Teixido Outer Sanctuary
The facade of the church of San Andrés de Teixido

The Serra da Capeladathe Herbeira cliffs and the route of the viewpoints

another gem What to see around Cedeirabut still in the councilis the Serra da Capelada and the cliffs of Herbeira. Are you going to miss the opportunity to look out over the highest cliffs in Continental Europe? Or come across some of the oldest rocks on the planet? Or to see a black sand beach? I sure don't. So that you have everything clear, read our article The Ártabra Coast, the Serra da Capelada and its infinite cliffs.

Serra da Capelada Cliffs Orographic Clouds
Cliffs of Vixía Herbeira

Vilarrube beach

Without straying from the Cedeira estuarybut already out of councilwe approached the "closure" from the south: the Vilarrube beachin the parish of Valdovino. Delimited by the Mestas River and the Ferreiras Rego and protected by Punta Xián and Punta Burneira, it is a sandy area of ​​almost a kilometer and a half. One of the best beaches in Ferrolterra.

Beaches of Ferrol Ferrolterra Praia Vilarrube
Sunset on Vilarrube beach

Map with places to see in Cedeira and surroundings

Let it not be said that we do not make it easy for you. Here's a Map with places to see in Cedeira and surroundings so that you can organize yourself to your liking.

Where to sleep and eat in Cedeira

If we have said that you are going to need a couple of days to get to know the area in depth, you will have to sleep in cedeira, at least one night. We did it in the Hostel Praia Madalena. Very good value for money, a fairly rich breakfast and an excellent location: in the historic center and with the beaches and the estuary next door. In addition to a very friendly and attentive staff. In fact, they recommended the place we ate at.

Sleeping In Cedeira Hostal Praia Madalena
Our room at Hostal Praia Madalena

Where did we eat? In it Breeze restaurant, right next to the hostel. We had already signed it when we arrived, but the receptionist finished convincing us. On our return, we thanked him: the croquettes, the scallops and the Galician raxo were delicious and at a very good price.

What to see in Cedeira Rectoral Square
The Rectory square

Now, knowing everything that awaits you in Cedeira and its surroundings, it already has a place on your route through this area of ​​Galicia, right?

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