Waterfalls in Madrid and surroundings

Are you, like me, a fan or fan of waterfalls? I have to admit that when I go to any destination I don't miss being able to take a picture in the waterfalls that are around the area. And, if you can take a bath, even better! That is exactly why I have decided to make this post about the waterfalls in Madrid and its surroundings.

My objective? That if you visit the capital you can see beyond musicals and the city itself. There is a world to discover!


Waterfalls in the Community of Madrid

Believe it or not, the truth is that the Spanish capital has a good number of waterfalls. It is true that not the capital itself, that is, the city, but very close to it you can visit very cool areas where nature is born in all its splendor. You do not believe it? I talk about all of them now so you can create your own route.

Purgatory Waterfall, Rascafría

This waterfall is located next to the town of Rascafría. Well, they really are a set of waterfalls. The best thing is that you can see them all thanks to a circular route that exists. Moreover, it is perfect to go with children (even if they go with a car).

rascafria purgatory waterfall

As I was saying, it is located in the town of Rascafría. The route of the waterfalls is carried out on both sides of the Aguilón stream. If you go in summer, go to the area on the right to have more shaded areas, you will appreciate it!

Distance from Madrid city

The Purgatorio waterfall is located about 97 kilometers from Madrid and you can get there in just one hour. So, as you can imagine, if you're looking for a weekend plan, it's perfect!

How to get to the Purgatory Waterfall

Getting there is very simple. Just take the A1 (Carretera de Burgos) and at kilometer 69 take the exit that goes to Lozoya and Rascafría.

Litueros Waterfall, Somosierra

Did you know that it is the waterfall with the highest flow and highest in Madrid? For that alone it is worth visiting. It has a circular route of about 12 kilometers, simple, with a drop of only 340 meters. So you can also do it with children (car not).

house of litueros somosierra

This waterfall is located in the town of Somosierra, in the north of Madrid. I recommend that you dedicate some time of your day to see this historic town. You'll love it!

Distance from Madrid city

The town of Somosierra is located about 80 kilometers from the city. So, like the previous one, it is also perfect to visit on the weekend.

How to get to the Litueros Waterfall

If you go by car, you will have to take the M-30, turn off at the M-11 and then take the A-1 towards Burgos. After about 80 kilometers on the A-1, take exit 91 to Somosierra.

Do you want to go by bus? You can too! Lines 190A and 190B that leave from Plaza Castilla will take you. The company is Continental Auto.

Chorrera de San Mamés, Buitrago de Lozoya

It is one of the waterfalls with the most beautiful fall in all of Madrid. In addition, all this without counting how beautiful the route is until you reach it. Suitable for all ages. Yes, also with children since it hardly has any difficulty.

jabot san mames

The San Mamés chorrera is located in the town of Buitrago de Lozoya. It is a small village.

Distance from Madrid city

The town is located about 78 kilometers north of Madrid. You can reach there in just one hour as the road is quite good.

How to get to chorrera from San Mamés

To get there you will have to take the A-1 motorway in the direction of Burgos. In it, you will have to take exit 76 and, when you pass Villavieja de Lozoya, you will arrive at the small village of Buitrago. There, next to the small church at the entrance, you will find the dirt road to go to the waterfall.

Hervidero waterfall, San Agustin de Guadalix

This waterfall has the advantage that it is just a few minutes from Madrid. So if you're looking to spend the day in nature, it's perfect! In addition, the route is circular and perfect for all family members since, in addition to being very beautiful, it is super simple.

hive waterfall

The Hervidero waterfall is located in the town of San Agustín de Guadalix. A very pretty mountain town that I also recommend.

Distance from Madrid city

This town is located just 39 kilometers from the city center. So you can get to it in just over half an hour. Perfect right?

How to get to the Hervidero Waterfall

Getting there is very simple. Take the A-1 towards Burgos and then take exit 36 ​​towards San Agustín de Guadalix. At the roundabout, take the third exit and, in the next one, go towards San Agustín. At the last roundabout, go to the last exit, Avenida Madrid, 100 meters away you will have the entrance to the park.

You can also get there by public transport by taking the number 193 bus from Plaza Castilla.

Chorrera de Arroyo del hornillo, Santa María de la Alameda

Another of the perfect routes to do with children. It has very little unevenness and, also, if you are lucky and the day is clear, you will be able to see up to the Monastery of El Escorial from there and the Sierra de Gredos.

stream stream of the hornillo

This waterfall is located in the town of Santa María de la Alameda. Of course, the path that leads to the waterfall is between this small town and Robledondo.

Distance from Madrid city

Santa María de la Alameda is located approximately 80 kilometers from the capital Madrid.

How to get

To get there you will have to take the A-6 to Guadarrama. Once there, take exit 47 and join the M-600 towards San Lorenzo del Escorial. When you pass it, take the M-505 towards Ávila. When you get to the road from Puerto de la Cruz Verde to get to Santa María de la Alameda.


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You can go by suburban train from Madrid to El Escorial through line C-8 and then from there take a bus line 665 or 666 to Santa María de la Alameda.

Chorrera de Mojonavalle, Canencia

It is very close to the Purgatorio waterfall. The best thing is that it is a very beautiful path that gives nature lovers a unique landscape. You can do it with children without problems.

jabot of mojonavalle


This waterfall is located in the town of Canencia. Actually, between the ports of Morcuera and Canencia, although it is from the latter that the path to reach it begins.

Distance from Madrid capital

Canencia (and with it the waterfall) is located approximately 79 kilometers from the capital. You can get there in just over an hour.

How to get to Chorrera de Mojonavalle

You can get there from Madrid by the M-607 (via the Colmenar Viejo highway) and go to Miraflores de la Sierra. There, take the M-629 to the Port of Canencia. You can also take the A-1 and take exit 50, then the M-608, the M-626 and the M-629. This last option is longer.

You can also get there by public transport by bus thanks to lines 194 and 195. Of course, you can only get to the town, not to the port where the path to go to the waterfall begins.

Manzanares Chorreras

A fundamental part of this set of waterfalls is the beautiful path that you have to follow to get to them. In fact, you will also be able to see the Charca Verde. You'll love it!


This set of waterfalls is located in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, in the highest area of ​​the Manzanares River, in the town of Manzanares El Real.

Distance from Madrid city

The waterfalls are located approximately 56 kilometers from the capital Madrid. Come on, in just over an hour you can be there.

How to get to the Manzanares chorreras

You can get there by car on the M-607 via the Colmenar Viejo highway. Then, follow the M-609 and M-608 until you reach the Canto Cochino car park. From there you will have to walk 5.2 kilometers on foot. Yes, it's the only way.

You can also get there with line 724 that leaves from Plaza de Castilla. You will get to Manzanares El Real and, from there, the town itself and the park itself enable a shuttle bus to get there.

Shower of the Germans, Cerdedilla

Are you looking for a place to cool off in summer? You will love this small waterfall (yes, I do not promise that it is not full of tourists in summer).

shower of the germans

It is located in the town of Cerdedilla, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, specifically in the Fuenfría valley.

Distance from Madrid city

Cerdedilla is approximately 60 kilometers from the city of Madrid. You have about an hour to drive.

How to get to the shower of the Germans

You can take the A-6 until exit 42. There take the N-VI to Guadarrama, then the M-614 and, finally, the M-622 to Las Dehesas.

You can take the suburban train line C-8 to Cerdedilla and then walk to the valley or by bus to the Hospital de la Fuenfría. You can also take a bus from Madrid (Moncloa) on line 684 that will leave you in Cerdedilla. The bus company is Larrea.

Socrates pool

Following the course of the Guarramillas stream you will reach a small waterfall that you will love. By the way, from there you can see Peñalara, the Cuerda Larga and even the Pinilla reservoir. You actually have two jumps, one of 3 meters and one of 15 meters.

socrates pool

It is located one kilometer south of Cotos, in Manzanares El Real.

Distance from Madrid city

These two waterfalls are located about 69 kilometers from the city of Madrid. It will take you about an hour to get there.

How to get to the Poza de Sócrates

You can take the A-6 to Villalba. There, take the M-601 to the port of Navacerrada and then the M-604 to Cotos. From there you will have to walk for about 3.5 kilometers.

You can go from Madrid in the suburbs with the C-8 line and, later, change in Cerdedilla (C-9). Also on buses with line 691 that leaves from Moncloa.

Padrillo dam waterfall, Rascafría

Perfect to go with the little ones in the house. In addition, the area is surrounded by pine trees and is the perfect place to enjoy authentic nature.

cascade of the stallion

This waterfall is located in the Rascafría area, very close to the Purgatorio waterfall. In fact there is a circular route that passes through both.

Distance from Madrid city

The distance from Madrid to Rascafría is about 90 kilometers. It will take you at least an hour and a quarter to get there.

How to get to the Padrillo dam waterfall

To go there, take the A-1 and then, at exit 69, continue on the M-604. Once you pass the town you will go to the Las Presillas recreational area, continue in the direction of Puerto de Cotos. There, on the left, you will see the Pinosaguas restaurant. This place is where you will have to leave the car.

Line 194 that leaves from Plaza Castilla will leave you in the city of Rascafría. Of course, from there you will have to look for another option to get there since there is no public transport.

You see? Surely you did not expect that there would be so many waterfalls in Madrid and surroundings, TRUE? Now you can organize wonderful weekends with children during good weather.

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