Travel route through Baja California Sur

The narrow and elongated peninsula that connects San Diego in the United States with Mexico is a destination of strong emotions and wild nature. the lowas the Mexicans call the Baja California region, was already discovered by the scientist jacques cousteau who fell in love with its abundant marine life and the only three coral reefs that are still alive in the entire North American continent.

The Mexican region of Baja California Sur is surrounded by the sea on both sides
. Looking east, the Sea of ​​Cortez (or Gulf of California) separates Baja California from Mexico with its enormous biodiversity and white-sand beaches. To the west, the Pacific Ocean unfolds its fierce waves and, although you will find idyllic beaches like Todos Santos, bathing is not allowed due to the danger that its currents entail. The interior of the Baja California peninsula is dominated by the desert landscape of dunes, huge cacti and towns with charm and Mexican tradition.

Sunset between dunes and cactus in the desert of Baja California Sur

Are we placing ourselves in the destination? Well, with these characteristics, in the low we find an adaptable destination for all tastes. Excellent beaches with all the services and entertainment in Cabo San Lucas, traditional cities where you can mingle with the locals like La Paz, small towns where oral tradition and the waves of the Pacific come together like in Todos Santos or lost corners where nature prevails. landscape as in Cabo Pulmo.

Baja California Sur offers the perfect characteristics to make an authentic route by car through one of the most special and natural regions of Mexico. Can you come with us?

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How to get to Baja California Sur

A sanctuary for turtles in the Cabo Pulmo nature reserve

To visit Baja California Sur it is necessary to fly to Mexico DC and from there combine with a domestic flight that leaves us in the Los Cabos International Airport. You can take a look at the flights offered by companies such as Iberia or Aeromexico.

From the Los Cabos airport you can rent a car and tour the peninsula at your leisure or sign up for a group trip. I recommend you do your homework beforehand and book the car you need before the trip. We usually do it through our favorite car rental search engine where you will see the best rental car offers at Los Cabos airport.

Cabo San Lucas: operations center in Baja California Sur

The main beach of San Lucas with the Arch in the background

Cabo San Lucas is the mass tourist enclave in the area. Here come all the kids from the United States to enjoy their spring break, show off palm on the beach and celebrate the nights in style. If you avoid the dates between February and the end of April you will be able to escape from that migratory fauna little studied by Cousteau.

Travel insurance for Mexico

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We did it and in its place we found a tourist destination with a lot of gastronomic offer and half empty hotels. Ideal to enjoy the small details such as frolicking on the beach and letting yourself be carried away by the good local gastronomy.

The arch of Cabo San Lucas

San Lucas is located at the southern tip of Baja California and at this point the waters of the Pacific and those of the Sea of ​​Cortez coincide offering a spectacular contrast between the complexity of the eroded rocks and the soft profile of the sleeping beaches.

From here you can make various boat trips to whale watching who usually come to the area in mid-December, go scuba diving or visit the spectacular Arch by boat.

Cabo Pulmo: wild nature facing the Sea of ​​Cortez

Touring the natural reserve of Cabo Pulmo by car

The facility of accommodation in San Lucas can serve as an operations center to discover the interior of Baja California Sur by car. Visiting Cabo Pulmo in the same day is an ideal excursion What can we do from San Lucas or San José, depending on where you are staying.

Cabo Pulmo is one of those privileged places where nothingness is the great protagonist. And what good is nothing? Well, we can ask other destinations such as the Salar de Uyuni, the Baltic Sea of ​​Swedish Lapland, the Moroccan desert or Patagonia. Nothing is everything and if you don't agree let it come Pepe Hierro with his poem and show it to you.


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Sunset in the desert following the Cabo Pulmo route

Undoubtedly, my best memory of this corner of Mexico shows me getting into a car, giving it gas, driving away from civilization, suddenly finding ourselves in the middle of the desert surrounded by an infinity of cacti and following the gentle profile of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Cabo Pulmo is a natural reserve where you will hardly see buildings and very little human imprint. The desert devours the road and the long shadow of the cacti will be the best sundial you will find. A sunset in front of the cacti and the nearby beach is a perfect place to rest and enjoy the nature that surrounds us.

Todos Santos: a paradise between legend and the great waves of the Pacific

Sunset on the beach of Todos Santos

Todos Santos would become the Mexican oasis par excellence. After overcoming the extensive desert that separates it from the southernmost tip of Baja California. Its palm trees bear witness to this, but it also receives the status of an oasis due to its leisurely pace on the street, the art that its streets give off and, how could it be otherwise in Mexico, for its colorful cemetery.

A few meters from the center there is an extensive beach of fine sand and wild waves, you don't play with the Pacific.

The plethoric Pacific Ocean on the beach of Todos los Santos

In Todos Santos you will find a fake Hotel California. Yes, the one in the song. Although the Eagles denied that it was the hotel on which the famous song is based, it is worth paying a visit and enjoying its good restaurant and exquisite decoration. Welcome.

La Paz: the sleeping city facing the Sea of ​​Cortez

Sunset on the seafront in La Paz

La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur and, as its name announces, the peaceful life dominates the long boardwalk (or promenade) that precedes the long beach of the city.

Enjoy long walks along the beach, enter a church during the ceremony to catch a glimpse of the atmosphere, mingle in a group game of cards in a plaza, venture into the market, enjoy a hearty Mexican breakfast. In La Paz life flows calmly but ideas to enjoy the trip and life are never lacking.

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The treasure of the Baja California peninsula: the island of Espiritu Santo

The entire island of Espiritu Santo can be skirted by kayak

A few kilometers from La Paz stretches one of the islands that left the mythical Jacques Cousteau wide-eyed. The island of Espiritu Santo is a kind of natural aquarium, a prodigy of nature where biodiversity is overwhelming and you will find thousands of fish, turtles, jumping rays, dolphins and whales depending on the season.

With white sand beaches, the island of Espiritu Santo can be surrounded by kayak in several days. You can practice scuba diving or with bottles and you will surely see some species that you have never seen before.

Playa de la Dispensa in the natural reserve of the island of Espiritu Santo

In La Paz you will find several agencies that carry out excursions to the island of Espiritu Santo for one day or even more depending on your interest and availability.

Lodging in Baja California Sur


The relaxed pool at The Hotelito in Todos Santos

You can review the opinions, photos and facilities of almost 1000 accommodations in Baja Calfornia Sur here.

If it is your first time in this Mexican region, my recommendation is than your accommodation in Cabo San Lucas, at the southernmost tip of the peninsula where the highest concentration of tourist attractions crowd. If you are looking for something more authentic and less touristy, I recommend that you look in All Saints or in Peace.

Travel route through Baja California Sur:

A great burrito on the street

During our trip to Baja California Sur we had the curious sensation of wondering from time to time if we were really in Mexico. Truly, the rhythm of the peninsula differs greatly from that found on the mainland.

On the other hand, the European visitor is not very common and we quickly made friends with our Spanish accent. The simple lisping of words like "ashtray" or "thank you" gave us a smile and even a laugh on more than one occasion. Small human details that make the trip and its memory even greater.

Below you can see the route made by Baja California Sur on the map.


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