Tips for traveling to India

If you are planning to meet the «Land of a Thousand ColorsYou'll want to read these tips. An unforgettable trip to India awaits you. Many say that visiting this exotic country is one of the most rewarding experiences that can be had in life. So if you dare to have it, it will be good for you to read these tips and make your stay as pleasant and safe as possible.


Travel Tip 1: Deal With Culture Shock

You may have heard of the «culture shock«; the feeling of being overwhelmed by a new and unfamiliar culture. This is common among travelers visiting India, especially Westerners who are first set foot in this part of the world. Although it is a modern country, there is still a lot of poverty. Naturally it is a situation that causes sadness and sometimes, it impacts people who are not used to witnessing it too much. This is especially evident in the main cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed by crowds, traffic, lack of personal space, and pollution. As you adjust to the environment, you will begin to understand the local culture and feel more comfortable. Give yourself some downtime by freeing up space in your itinerary to explore or rest at your own pace, and you'll be better prepared for an extraordinary travel experience. The whole point of traveling is to open your eyes to new cultures, and this is the most rewarding part of India. Learn about their customs and traditions before heading to the country, and you'll know what to expect when you arrive.

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Travel tip 2: stay healthy

the dreaded "traveler's belly" it does not have to be part of your trip to India. Although some experience stomach upsets, these can be avoided by maintaining healthy habits. One of the best travel tips for India is to adopt a vegetarian diet while traveling. Not only will you be doing like the locals, as India has the lowest meat consumption in the world, but you'll also be taking fewer risks with your health.

Unless you're dining in 5-star hotels, the safety of meats served at restaurants and street stalls can't always be guaranteed, so opt for a delicious vegetarian curry. Hot foods are the safest bet, although peeled fruits and vegetables are generally fine. If you opt for street food, buy it in the busiest stalls, where there is a large rotation of dishes.

In the event that you have an upset stomach, don't worry too much because it happens to a lot of people. Try taking probiotic supplements before, during, and after your trip. Indian pharmacies are excellent at helping you with any problems you may have and can prescribe medicines for you in case you get sick. Remember: hydration is key, so maintain optimal fluid intake, yes, always consume them bottled.

Travel Tip 3: Bargain

Bargaining is an art form in India. Almost all services come without a fixed price tag. Although some government-owned stores do carry them, most purchases require the art of haggling to get a decent price. Traders inflate the price to tourists, so this is where the fun begins. With a little practice, you'll soon be a professional dribbler! A general rule of thumb is to start bidding 50% of the quoted price and negotiate from that amount. Indians are known to be brilliant salespeople, so be prepared. Remember, a few hundred rupees will be a lot of money for the seller, so don't bargain too hard as the good karma goes a long way in India.

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Travel tip 4: dress modestly

India is generally a conservative country, although some areas are more liberal than others. Informing yourself about it before going can help to solve your doubts regarding the clothes you should wear. Either way, especially if you visit some of the wonderful temples and religious sites, you should cover your shoulders and legs. Also, always remember to remove your shoes before entering.

Being respectful of local culture and beliefs is a must and one of the most important travel tips. When in doubt, look to the locals for inspiration. Long tunics or shirts and baggy pants are the usual garments for both men and women. Also, you can buy some local clothes when you arrive. This way, you will blend in with the crowd and walk away in nice outfits.

Travel tip 5: choose bottled water

Perhaps the most important thing to know before traveling to India is to always drink bottled water, as tap water is potentially dangerous. Even if you go to the Himalayas or when you brush your teeth. A nasty stomach bug is worth avoiding.

Of course, the same goes for ice. If you're not 100% sure it was made with bottled water, don't order it. In general, high-end hotels make ice with mineral water, but be sure to check. Keep in mind that sometimes plastic bottles are refilled and resold, so be sure to check before opening that it is sealed.

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Travel tip 6: have cash

Cash is the most useful thing in India. Take rupees with you or use the extensive network of ATMs, although keep in mind that they often charge fees and often run out of cash. Also, some small shops, food stalls, taxis and rickshaws only accept cash, so don't go without.

Travel tip 7: allow more time

When you're excited to discover a new destination, it can be tempting to try to see as much as possible and as quickly as possible. But in India the ideal is to have extra time, since daily life can be a bit unpredictable. Transportation doesn't always run smoothly or on time, and simple tasks like eating something or exchanging currency can take longer than expected. The best travel advice is to let yourself go!

Synchronize your watch with the Indian rhythm and keep a sense of humor. Getting from one place to another is never easy in the country. Large crowds and non-stop traffic can slow down the journey, so it's best to allow extra time to soak up the local culture and take in the sights and sounds without rushing. In the end, you will appreciate having gone more calmly.

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These tips for traveling to India will help you get your adventure off to a great start. He Country of a Thousand Colors is full of captivating destinations and unforgettable experiences. Experience them for yourself and choose one of our magical trips to India!

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