The best beaches near Barcelona to reach by train

Legend has it that when Hercules, the Roman hero, reached the shores of present-day Barcelona, he climbed to the top of the Montjuic mountain and fell madly in love with what his eyes saw. The ship where Hercules was sailing was the ninth of the Roman expedition that ventured through the Mediterranean and, for this very reason, they baptized the newly discovered place with the name of boat none. Phonetic evolution would do its thing over the following centuries.

Whether fact or fiction, the era of Roman gods and heroes has long passed. However, the coastline of Barcelona's coasts is still there. We can see it from the top of Montjuic Castle or enjoying a lively beach bar in one of the wonderful beaches of Barcelona and its surroundings. In this post we invite you to know The best beaches near Barcelona to reach by train.

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In the city of Barcelona itself we have an extensive coastline of more than 5 kilometers with decent beaches to take a swim. Of course, during the high season (and with permission for pandemics ahead) its beaches are usually crowded and unless you are looking for a flirt among tourists or you feel like trying the strange mojitos that are made on the beach itself, I advise you to stay away for a while. little bit of Barcelona capital to enjoy a good day at the beach.

If you do not have a car and you would like to spend a day at the beach, there is a direct and simple communication with the Renfe commuter network along the coast of the province of Barcelona.

Either to the south or to the north you will find beautiful beaches with all kinds of services less than an hour away.

Next we show our favorite beaches near Barcelona that we can access by train from the city center. The times that we show are related to the Sants station and we try to reach a maximum of one hour of travel. Likewise, you must take into account that some stations are practically on the beach and others we will have to walk a little. In each of the beach destinations we explain it to you.

Grab the towel, prepare the sandwiches and the fridge, the parasol and passengers to the train!


Access by train to the beaches south of Barcelona

Barcelona train

A small cove in the Garraf

With the Renfe commuter line R2 we approach the beaches of Barcelona to the south of the city. Among them we find the following:

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Castelldefels beach

Train time from Sants: 27 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 2 minutes

One of the simplest and fastest options. With extensive beaches and services. You will find a multitude of beach bars and showers and we will arrive from the station to the first beach with just a two-minute walk.

Garraf Beach

Train time from Sants: 32 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 2 minutes

A more secluded beach with fewer services. Not all trains park at the Garraf station so you must pay attention to the schedules. The beach is located a few meters from the station.


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Aerial view of Garraf beach

Sitges beach

Train time from Sants: 40 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 8 minutes

Sitges already invites a getaway by itself to discover the beautiful city. In addition, you can alternate a day at the beach with a good restaurant where you can enjoy a paella or a fideuá. The train journey from Barcelona takes around 40 minutes and the beach is just under 10 minutes away.

You can choose Playa de la Fragata on the left (somewhat small and very crowded) or Sitges beach, which is on the right and is somewhat wider. In all of them you will find beach bars and showers. By the way, the promenade is full of restaurants where you can pay a good tribute.

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Vilanova i la Geltrú beach

Train time from Sants: 47 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 18 minutes

Vilanova is another great beach option near Barcelona. From the Vilanova train station we have just over a quarter of an hour to get to the beautiful Far de Sant Cristòfol beach. In it you will find a beach bar, showers as well as the promenade of Vilanova i la Geltrú a few steps away.

Cunit beach

Cunit beach train Barcelona

Distance from the train station to the beaches of Cunit

Train time from Sants: 51 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 5 minutes

In a few minutes walking from the train station we are on the extensive beach of Cunit. Soft sand as usual on the Costa Dorada and all kinds of services.

Segur de Calafell beach

Train time from Sants: 57 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 10 minutes

We end our tour of southern beaches accessible by train from Barcelona with Segur de Calafell. One hour seems to us the maximum time to be able to enjoy the beach in the same day. The station is located about 10 minutes from the beach where we will find all kinds of services: showers, beach bars and a good handful of restaurants along the Segur de Calafell promenade.

Access by train to the beaches north of Barcelona

beach train Barcelona

Train stations on the north coast of Barcelona

With the R1 commuter line of Renfe we ​​approach the beaches of Barcelona to the north of the city following the coastline of the Maresme region. Among them we find the following:

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Badalona beach

Train time from Sants: 23 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 10 minutes

Badalona was called the Liverpool of Spain due to its industrial profile. However, the beach has improved a lot over the last few decades and offers a beautifully renovated coastline with a promenade and clean water.

A quick option, with an extensive beach and all kinds of services, be it showers, beach bars, but also the wide range of restaurants on La Rambla and around the center of Badalona.

Badalona beach train Barcelona

The Pont del Petroli in Badalona

Montgat Nord beach

Train time from Sants: 28 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 10 minutes

From the Montgat Nord station, we move to the first train tunnel that was built in Spain, nothing more and nothing less than 1848, and there we will find a small cove and on the other side an extensive beach that extends to the port from Masnou. On both sides we will have showers and beach bars.

Unlike the southern beaches, we will sink much faster when we enter the water and that is a general trend on the Maresme coast and the Costa Brava.

ocata beach

Train time from Sants: 35 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 1 minute

The Ocata station in El Masnou is practically on the beach. An extensive beach with all kinds of facilities. It will be very easy for you to get off the train and plant the umbrella in just a few minutes.

vilassar beach train Barcelona

Ponent beach in Vilassar de Mar

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Vilassar de Mar beach

Train time from Sants: 42 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 1 minute

Similar to Ocata, when you arrive at the Vilassar station you will find the beach in front of you. In addition to all the usual facilities, you also have the seaport of Vilassar with a good repertoire of restaurants.

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres beach

Train time from Sants: 51 minutes
Walking time from the station to the beach: 2 minutes

A couple of minutes walk from the station we find the beach of the Estación de Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. Clean and clear waters with the promenade one step away.

Sant Pol beach Barcelona train

Station and beach of Sant Pol

Canet de Mar beach

Train time from Sants: 1 hour
Walking time from the station to the beach: 1 minute

Just one minute from the train station we find the beautiful and extensive beach of Canet de Mar. All services available and clean, clear water where you can take a good dip. The surrounding beach bars and restaurants offer good alternatives to a beach picnic.

A few more minutes we have Sant Pol or Calella. Among others, we have not included Arenys de Mar because the beach is quite far from the train station.


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