The 6 Most Impressive Monuments in Norway

Although Norway is a country known worldwide for the beauty of its landscapes, it is also It has many monuments impressive that you cannot miss if you travel to the country. This type of monuments can be both sculptural and architectural and have large dimensions, they are generally built as a tribute to a historical character or event.

Many of these monuments are associated with the Viking culture, very present in the history of Norway. Some of these monuments are World Heritage Sites, and all of them can be visited. We talk to you about the six most impressive monuments what to see in norway Let's start!


The 6 monuments that you cannot miss in Norway

If you like travel to norway with experts and you want to include a historical monument to complement visits to places of interest for their landscapes, we leave you a list of six places that will surprise you. Read on to discover them!

1. The swords of the mountains or Sverd i fjell

This monument is composed of three Viking swords ten meters high that are simulated to be stuck in a hill at the edge of a fjord. They were placed in this place to commemorate the Battle of Hafrsfjord that took place there in the year 872.

The swords of the mountains or Sverd i fjell

Following that battle, King Harald reunited the country and became the first King of Norway. This sculptural work was created by Fritz Røed, and it was inaugurated in 1983 by King Olaf V. It is a very popular place among Norwegians, and it is perfect not only to see this monument but also to enjoy the landscape that surrounds it. surrounds.

2. Akershus Fortress

On the seashore in the city of Oslo, is the Akershus Fortress, an architectural monument of medieval origin that has witnessed various battles throughout history.

This considered one of the main tourist attractions in the area and its main attraction is the castlewhich preserves its interior decoration in very good condition.

akershus fort

Among the areas of the castle that can be visited are the halls where banquets were held, the dungeons or the crypt where the remains of different kings are found.

Within this enclosure there is also the Defense Museum, where you can learn about the military history of the country or the Museum of the Resistance, dedicated to the country's opposition to the Nazi occupation. As a fact of interest, visiting it is completely free.


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3. The man of the sea or Havmannen

The Havmannen is a sculpture made of granite that is located in the city of Mo i Rana, in the north of the country. It was made by the artist Anthony Gormley and has a height of eleven meters and a weight of sixty tons. It is located within the fjord as a representation of the contrast between nature and industry in the area.

the man of the sea or havmannen

4. Haraldshaugen

The Haraldshaugen is a national monument located in Haugesund, it was built to celebrate a thousand years since the unification of Norway into a single kingdom under the command of King Harald. This monument is formed by a mound with a 17 meter high granite obelisksurrounded by smaller commemorative free stones.


At the base of the obelisk are four bronze tablets depicting different important moments in King Harald's life. On the other hand, this monument also commemorates the battle of Hafrsfjord that took place in the year 872.

5. Stavkirke temples

These are wooden churches from medieval times created by the Vikings. This type of temples attract attention for its peculiar shape at the same time as for its incredibly elaborate carving techniques that can be seen both on its doors and walls. Although it is believed that they came into existence between 1300 and 2000 Stavkirke of Norway, today only 28 of them are preserved.

the temples of stavkirke

Although there are different types of Stavkirke, they all have in common the angular posts or staves that give them their name, framed in wood with boards that support some sills. The church of this type that enjoys the best state of conservation is in Borgund, in the area of ​​the fjords. However, there are also others that can be visited in Bergen or Heddal.

6. Steilneset Memorial

Another of the monuments that you must see in Norway is the Steilneset Memorial, also called “The Witches Monument«. was built for commemorate the trial and subsequent execution of 91 people between 1600 and 1692 in Vardø. These people were victims of the witch trials in Finnmark during the s. XVII.

The monument is the work of architect Peter Zumthor and artist Louise Bourgeois. It was inaugurated in 2011 and is made up of two buildings, on the one hand a 125-meter wooden structure with a wooden walkway inside, where the Zumthor installation is located, and a room made of steel and smoked glass with the work. de Bourgeois.

steilneset memorial

If you want to travel to Norway and need some ideas about what to see in norway, our selection of the most impressive monuments in the country will be of great help to you. If something is clear it is that visiting Norway will be a unique and very complete experience where you can enjoy an amazing natural environment but also historical monuments of great interest. Visit Norway and be surprised by its monuments!

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