The 6 best free tours in Cáceres

caceres It is a monumental city that shines with its own light in Extremadura. Its past is splendid, as demonstrated by its palaces of noble families, churches and other wonderful medieval buildings. Not surprisingly, its historic center has been declared Heritage of humanity by unesco. If you want to know the history of this labyrinth of streets full of treasures, a good first contact is by signing up for one of The best free tours in Cáceres.

Thus, with the help of an expert guide in the city, you will be able to visit places such as the emblematic Plaza Mayor, which overlooks the Torre de Bujaco, the Co-Cathedral of Santa María, or palaces such as Golfines de Abajo, Carvajal or Toledo-Moctezuma. When they explain the history and secrets of these places, they stop being simple monumental buildings to occupy an everlasting place in our memory.

Of course, remember that, even if they are free, At the end of these tours, it is common for a small tip (around 10 euros) to be given to the guide. The vast majority of them are professionals who have dedicated their valuable time to making you feel and love the city they are in love with. These are some of the best free tours in Cáceres:

Discover the many charms of Cáceres with these magnificent guided excursions in the city. You can reserve them here:


1. Free tour of the best of Cáceres

what to see in caceres in one day

Without a doubt, this is the best free tour in caceres to get a first idea of ​​the city.

Led by a guide specialized in art and history, you will begin your journey through the Main Square, which overlooks several monumental buildings, including the medieval towers of Bujaco and de la Hierba. You will leave the square passing under the bow of the star, its most symbolic and well-known access route. This will be how you get to know two of the most important Christian temples in Cáceres: the Church of San Francisco Javier and the Co-Cathedral of Santa María.

After talking about the old mansions and noble palaces and visiting the Jewish quarter, it will be time to return to the starting point.

Where to sleep in Cáceres

If you are looking for a place to stay in Cáceres, I recommend my favorite place: the Hotel NH Collection Cáceres Palacio de Oquendo. The hotel is located in an old palace from the 16th century, in the historic center of Cáceres and very close to all the tourist attractions of the city. It perfectly combines history and modernity, with spacious rooms and a good restaurant with a terrace. If you are not convinced, here are many other good accommodation options in Cáceres:

The tour lasts approximately an hour and a half.

2. Free tour of the mysteries and legends of Cáceres

As usually happens in cities with such a long and striking history, Cáceres also offers a endless myths, mysteries and legends to those seasoned ears who like to listen to them.

Touring the historic center of the city, a well-versed guide will update you on the intrigues and secrets that were forged during the time of Arab domination. Already in the 13th century the reconquest would come by the hand of the troops of Alfonso IX, with new legends of heroes and villains, especially at the time of the Court of the Holy Inquisition, which was implanted in Castile in the 15th century by The Catholic kings.

You will make a stop in front of palaces such as those of Ovando and Carvajalwhere they will tell you amazing stories related to their former inhabitants.


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A tour that leaves no one indifferent and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

3. Free tour of the Three Cultures

best free tours in Cáceres

One of the main reasons for the monumental and patrimonial wealth of Cáceres lies in the cultural variety that we can find by looking in history books. In this city of Extremadura they inhabited Jews, Arabs and Christians. At some point they even came to coexist. This has caused each of these towns to leave their religious, patrimonial and cultural legacy in the streets of the city.

This is what you are going to discover in what is, without a doubt, one of the best free tours in Cáceres. A journey through the three main cultures that marked the future of a city that today shines with its past.

In the Jewish Quarter you will visit the Provincial Museum of Cáceres – which is a good reference to understand the history of the city – and there you will find a beautiful arabic cistern centuries old.

From the Christian era you will be able to admire the St. Mary's Co-Cathedralas well as the interior of the Carvajal Palacewhich has a garden and a cloister that attract the attention of all those who visit it.

Andalusian architecture takes center stage in a Plaza Mayor that cannot fail to be one of the main points of this type of free tours in Cáceres.

4. Free tour Cáceres Oscura

If you like the dark and supernatural, this will be one of the best free tours in Cáceres for you.

Yes, we have already told you about the free tour of mysteries and legends of the city, but this one goes one step further. It's about a night tour in which the hidden face of Cáceres is discoveredwith mythological beings, ghosts and macabre events.

Thus, the guide will tell you everything about the werewolfs of Cáceres, some beings very similar to werewolves; or the story of Machu Lanu, an entity that is compared to Beelzebub himself and that, according to some witnesses, has been seen on several occasions around the city. All this without neglecting the ghosts and spirits that roam the historic streets of a city that has witnessed many revenges, murders, heartbreaks and power struggles.

Two hours of tour between witchcraft, goblins and beings from another dimension. Are you ready for this?

5. Free tour of the Game of Thrones locations

best free tours Cáceres

It is an honor for Cáceres that the production assistants of one of the most successful and famous series of the last decades, 'Game of Thrones' (HBO)they will look at it to record scenes from different chapters.

In fact, a stellar role was attributed to it, since the city became nothing more and nothing less than the capital of the Seven Kingdoms: King's Landing. Here, memorable scenes from the series were recorded, such as the triumphant arrival of Euron Greyjoy after capturing his niece, Yara Greyjoy, and Ellaria and Tyene Arena. In addition, the facade of the Great Library of the Citadel was also recorded, where good old Sam Tarly studied his manuscripts.

The producers liked Cáceres so much that she also appears in the recently released prequel, 'The House of the Dragon'.

It is not one of the best free tours in Cáceres only for fans of the series, but it is interesting for all audiences. Also, know that you will end up trying a themed tapa in an admirable tavern. Are you going to miss it?

6. Free tour Cáceres cinema

Yes, perhaps Cáceres rose to fame, on television, after serving as a filming location for 'Game of Thrones', but the truth is that the city's cinematographic relevance goes further.

And it is that, here scenes of films as important as '1492: The Conquest of Paradise' (by Ridley Scott) and series like 'The Cathedral of the Sea' and 'Inés del Alma Mía'.

This meant that actors of the stature of Penélope Cruz or Gerard de Pardieu would walk through its centuries-old streets. An expert guide on film and television issues will accompany you to discover all the filming locations, the anecdotes during them and much more on a great free tour of Cáceres that lasts an hour and a half.

7. Other excursions in Cáceres

If after trying some of the best free tours in Cáceres you have been left wanting more, here you can choose other ideal excursions in Cáceres and surroundings, at a very good price, with very good recommendations and with exceptional guides.


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