Street escape in Madrid with Mappo

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Know what is a street escape? We had no idea until we tried it recently. If you don't know either, keep reading, maybe you'll get hooked. And if you already know and are looking for a street escape in Madrid, or in another city in Spain, keep reading too. We tell you what it is like –and how it was given to us– the street escape by Mappo what we tried in Madrid: Agent K-42. We became secret agents touring the center of our city looking for the codes of an electromagnetic bomb. Do you think we got it? All while rediscovering Madrid, this is still a travel blog, don't worry.

Weekend in Madrid Plaza Villa Salto
Jumping in the square of the Villa

Speaking of travel and rediscovering –or discovering– our city, we also tried the tour interactive Madrid de los Austrias by Mappo. And we also tell you our experience.

If you feel curious about trying them, meet up with your friends, your family or your partner and challenge them to visit the next Spanish city you visit, or your own city, in another way…


What is a street escape?

Everybody knows what a escape room o Escape Game - A team game that aims to escape from a locked room by solving puzzles and riddles of different types before time runs out. Always with different scenarios, settings and themes.

But, what is a street escape? Well, the same, but without being locked in a room... They are also called outdoor escape room either escape room outdoor. Come on, they are outdoor escape games, outdoors. The good thing – from our point of view, that what we like is to travel, even in our city – is that here, while you solve these enigmas and rack your brain a bit, you are also visiting the city and getting to know new places.

Mappo Street Escape Agent K-42 6
With our guide in the Plaza Mayor, playing Agent K-42 from Mappo

In short, the street exhaust are a way of exploring cities in a different way: doing tourism while having fun with logic and deduction game. A two in one in every rule.

street escape in Madrid by Mappo

The bug has bitten us and we have launched to try a street escape in Madrid. To begin with, it had to be done in our city, right? We have tried one of street exhaust by Mappowhich are not street exhaust "to use", of which, like the escape room, you have to reserve because they are carried out at a certain time, with monitors, with physical materials, etc. Those of Mappo you can do them at the time you want and the day you want. you just need a smartphone where to install your apps and Internet connection. Well, and the ingenuity that is needed to solve the riddles, of course.

Mappo Street Escape Agent K-42
One of the tests of Agent K-42 in the Plaza de Oriente

Agent K-42: our experience and opinions of Mappo

He street escape of Madrid that we have played is Agent K-42. We became secret agents for a day to fulfill our "mission": find the codes for an electromagnetic bomb to deactivate it. Well, not for a day, for an hour and a half, which is the time established to overcome the challenges and enigmas of the game in the course of about 3 kilometers. Although, well, if you don't get it, you have up to three hours.

The apps He was marking us the points to go to discover the challenges, from the Puerta del Sol to the Plaza Mayor, passing through the Almudena or the Royal Palace. Yes, the center of Madrid was our "game board" and we toured it accompanied by our virtual guide who, together with the challenges of the mission, gave us information and told us anecdotes and curiosities about the places we were visiting. We discovered from one of the explanations for the name Puerta del Sol to the fact that the Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest in Western Europe. The best thing, beyond such classic places, is that we discovered an almost secret one and that we live in the center. A “hidden” archaeological site that we had never visited: an 11th century Islamic watchtower.

Mappo Street Escape Agent K-42
Test passed at Kilometer 0 of Puerta del Sol

As for the challenges, we managed to overcome almost all of them, and many of them without clues... Of course, we couldn't prevent the Puerta del Sol from exploding! Sorry, Madrid. The truth is that we had a lot of fun in the process, despite the final disaster.

You have all the information and you can buy it here.

The others street exhaust in Madrid by Mappo

In addition to Agent K-42, there are others street exhaust in Madrid by Mappo: unlocked –where the challenge is to get hold of the security codes that have been stolen by a hacker- and pandemic –where the codes to be found are those of the neutralizing antibodies to develop a vaccine against a pandemic–. There is even a version of street escape for children from 8 to 11 years old: Mappo kids. We can't tell you much about them, because we haven't tried them yet, but you have more information in the Web of Mappo.

Mappo Street Escape Agent K-42
A bit of tourism in the Plaza de la Villa

Mappo in Barcelona and other cities: Bilbao, Valencia, Seville…

The good thing that these street exhaust are “virtual” is that they are easily replicated in different cities. If you are looking for a street escape in BarcelonaFor example, there is also Agent K-42, although adapted to the places in the Catalan capital, of course. Agent K-42 is also in Ibiza, Malaga, Segovia, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. And then, between pandemic and unlockedthere's also street exhaust of Mappo in cities like Bilbao, Granada, Salamanca, A Coruña… You can see them all here.

Did you know…?

In Segovia we have seen that there is a street escape to find the “imp” who built the aqueduct. If you want a clue, take a look at our article What to see in Segovia

The tours mappo interactive

In Madrid and Granada, in addition, mappo has tours interactive. In this case there is no adrenaline at stake. We talk about tours "classics", but just as virtual, through the center of the cities, which you can download in the same apps. There is cultural information, anecdotes, curiosities and even schedules and prices of the monuments that you can visit along the route. And also some questions, challenges and games, let it not be said that there is no fun in tours interactive.

Mappo Interactive Tour Puerta Sol Osa
Knowing the history and why of the icon of Madrid par excellence

You also have to walk a distance of about 3 kilometers and you can stop to eat, rest or visit any of the monuments whenever you want: the tour it is active 24 hours.

The good thing is that these toursLike the street exhaust from Mappo, you don't have to reserve them: you can do them whenever you want, at the time and on the day you want. In short: a fun, educational and affordable activity that you can do on your own and at your own pace.

He tour interactive through Madrid de los Austrias

The one we tried was the tour interactive through Madrid de los Austrias, the neighborhood with the most history in Madrid, next to our house. We know it quite well – we even wrote what to see in Madrid de los Austrias– Or so we thought… and we wanted to put ourselves to the test.

The best? That we stung each other to see who was more correct. And that we found out a few curiosities... two of the funniest: two anecdotes about Quevedo. But we are not going to tell you more, so as not to do spoilers. That we haven't given you the solutions to the Agent K-42 tests either, right? By the way, in Madrid the tours of Agente K-42 and of this tour they are practically the same and some things are repeated, we understand that they are not designed to be done both.

Mappo Interactive Tour Plaza Mayor End
The end of the tour in the Plaza Mayor

Here you can buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions street exhaust of Mappo and his tours interactive

Here are some frequently asked questions about street exhaust of Mappo.

What does it take to play a street escape and how do you play it?
you only need your smartphone with Internet connection. When you shop at the Web he street escape -same with him tour interactive–, you will receive a self-executing code by SMS –remember to put the country code when filling in your phone number–. By clicking on it, you can download the apps on your mobile and it will open with the activity code. If you already have the apps installed, it will open directly with the code. From that moment, you can start the game.

How many people can play street escape?
As many as you want, although more than three sharing a mobile can be difficult when it comes to agreeing to solve the challenges.

How much do the street exhaust of Mappo? And the tours interactive?
The street exhaust they cost €17.95. There's a free demo, but it didn't really give us much of an idea of ​​the final game. We couldn't pass any test and we didn't understand much. In the game everything is much clearer. The version for children, Mappo Kids, costs €12.95 and the tours interactive, €13.95.

Can children play?
The street exhaust They are recommended from 13 years old, if the children are not accompanied. The Mappo Kids version is for children from 8 to 11 years old. The tours They are for any age.

How long does a street escape?
The three street exhaust from Mappo –Agent K-42, pandemic and unlocked– last an hour and a half. But, if you don't solve the challenges on time, you have up to three hours.

Mappo Street Escape Agent K-42
Towards the next mission in Puerta del Sol

You already know everything. You just need to see how fun they are street exhaustin Madrid or in any city...

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