Sports calendar in New York

Ready for Live an experience with an American seal? Go to one of these matches sports in new york and merge with the crowd between shouts of encouragement and hot dogs.

NBA, baseball, American football, ice hockey… Whatever sport you choose, the atmosphere in the stadium is contagious!

To help you choose, here's a sports guide in new york with the dates, the stadiums and the tickets for each one.

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Guide to sports in New York: NBA, baseball, ice hockey and American football

Guide to sports and parties in New York


When you travel? Sports calendar in New York

To start with, depending on when you travel to New York, here you can see the dates in which each sport is played.


If you travel to New York in the spring, you can see a game of:


If you travel to New York in summer, your only option is:

  • Baseball (MBL): It is played of april to october. The finals are in October-November.


If you visit New York in the fall, you can choose between:


If you travel to New York in winter, you can see a game of:

Upcoming games in New York

These are the next matches of the main teams in New York:

NBA games in New York

basketball is one of the liveliest and most dynamic sports that you can see in the Big Apple.

🏀New York Knicks🏀Brooklyn Nets
📍 Madison Square Garden (Manhattan)📍 Barclays Center (Brooklyn)
Knicks Ticketsnet tickets
  • The main league is the nba (the National Basketball League).
  • NBA teams in New York are the Knicks and the Nets.
  • They play from October to April.. The playoffswith the classified teams, they start at the end of April, and the finals take place in June.
  • The matches last about 2:15 p.m..
  • Here we tell you how to watch an nba game in new york and here, how to buy new york knicks tickets.
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American football games in New York

Football season lasts a few months, but raises passions and culminates with the Superbowl, one of the most important television events in the United States.

🏈 New York Giants🏈New York Jets
📍MetLife Stadium (New Jersey)📍MetLife Stadium (New Jersey)
Giants TicketsJets Tickets
  • The major American football league is the nfl (the National Football League).
  • New York's football teams are the Giants and the Jets.
    Although, in reality, both play in the neighboring state of New Jersey, but so close to Manhattan that getting there is very easy.
  • They play from September to January..
  • the playoffs are played in January, and the final, the famous Superbowlis played at the end of January or at the beginning of February.
  • The matches last about 3 hours.
  • Here we tell you how to watch a football game in new york.
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MetLife Stadium. © Photo: Giants

Ice hockey games in New York

In New York, ice hockey is played in the same stadiums as the NBA, an ideal opportunity to see them inside and enjoy an agile and lively sport (yes, remember to bundle up!).

  • The main ice hockey league is the nhl (National Hockey League).
  • New York ice hockey teams are the Rangers and the Islanders. Also, very close, in the neighboring state of New Jersey, they play the New Jersey Devils.
  • They play from October to April.
  • the playoffs They run from mid-April to the end of May. The finals They are played in early June.
  • The matches last about 2:30 a.m..
  • Here we tell you How to go to an ice hockey game in New York.
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Baseball games in New York

Despite being one of the most relaxed sports, baseball is also the most loved and followed by the americans

      • Major league baseball is the mlb (Major League Baseball).
      • New York baseball teams are the Yankees and the Mets.
      • They play from April to early October.
      • the playoffs They are disputed throughout October. The finals are played between the end of October and the beginning of November.
      • The matches last about 3 hours.
      • Here we tell you What is a baseball game like in New York?.
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Buy baseball tickets New York Mets Citi Field-1
Citi Field in Queens, the home of the Mets.

What sport do you recommend?

If you coincide with the season, we recommend go to an NBA or football gameSince both are very dynamic, there is usually a great atmosphere in the stadium and the hours fly by.

Ice hockey and baseball can be a bit slower, although we, who attend only one or two games a year, love them for enjoy a Different experience in New York.

If you go by budgetthe sport for which they usually meet cheapest tickets is baseball.

Instead, tickets for american football They are usually the most expensive.

Have you been to a game or plan to watch sports in New York?

Which one did you choose and how was the experience? Tell us in the comments!

New York guide updated June 2023.

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