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Do you plan to travel to the Dominican Republic and do you want to see something different between the beach and the beach? We have it clear, we propose the route to the Limón Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. In this article I am going to tell you how to make the route to the Limón Waterfall on excursion or on your own And what are you going to find there? In addition, the Limón Waterfall can boast of being one of the highest waterfalls in the Dominican Republichas 40 meters altitude and it's literally gorgeous. And you can bathe in it, wonderful!

The Limón waterfall or Salto el Limón it's found in the heart of the Samana peninsula, specifically halfway between Las Terrenas and Santa Bárbara de Samaná. It is a fabulous area of ​​the country that I recommend you discover calmly and dedicate a few days, but if you do not have much time I will also tell you about options to get here as an excursion. In fact, the Limón Waterfall is one of the top places in this area and in the entire country. You can not lose this!

If you are now wondering How to get to the Limón Waterfall from other parts of the country we are going to put ourselves in situation. If you like going to the Limón Waterfall from Santo Domingo takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes by car. If you like going to the Limón Waterfall from Punta Cana is much further, can be reached by car in about 4 hours. If you go on an excursion, what is usually done to shorten the journey is to arrive by vehicle to Miches and from there take a boat that crosses the Bay of Samaná to Santa Barbará de Samaná. This saves you a long drive.

cascade del limon dominican republic
La Cascada del Limón, the most beautiful waterfall in the Dominican Republic

How to organize the excursion to the Cascada del Limón, organized or by yourself?

Ok, we already know where the Limón Waterfall is located and the distances we have to get here. Now I am going to tell you how to get there. On the one hand, If you are not going to rent a car in the Dominican Republic, the only option you have is to do it as an organized excursion. You have excursions to the Limón Waterfall from Punta Cana, although I admit that they are a bit of a pain. Even so, the excursion to the Cascada del Limón is usually combined with other places in Samaná, so the beating is used much better. 🙂 Since Santo Domingo I have not found excursions to either Samaná or the Limón Waterfall.


Organized excursions to the Limón Waterfall at the best price

As you see, The most touristic thing is to do the route of the Cascada del Limón on horseback, but we are not in favor of doing the route with animals. We do not believe that the horse will enjoy carrying you on its back, no matter how much they tell you that it is the best option and that the horse is very well cared for. In addition, they also often tell you that if you don't do it on horseback, the route is a kill, and we did it on foot and it didn't seem like anything special to us. And that we are not expert hikers. Absolutely.

El Limon waterfall route
A little swim in the Limón Waterfall?

The Limón waterfall for free

If you are going to move around the country by car and you plan to visit the Limón waterfall for free I will tell you all the details of the route. If you plant yourself directly in any of the entrance tickets to the Limón Waterfall it is likely that they will try to get your eyes on you that you have to book the excursion with a guide and charge you high prices. Unfortunately, in the Dominican Republic, trying to rip off tourists a bit so they pay more is the order of the day, but We visited the Cascada del Limón for free, without a guide and we did not have any problems. I tell you how.


Route to the Limón waterfall in the Dominican Republic

One thing An important thing to take into account before doing the route is whether or not it has rained the days before. if it has rained it is very likely that you will find the road quite muddy. It is best to do it on a day that has not rained much the previous days. During the route you will cross a tropical jungle and it is usually a fairly humid area. If not, nothing happens because you will find a solution to avoid getting too muddy.

There is several entrances to do the route of the Cascada del Limón. We start the route in the The Apple Stop (I indicate it on the map that I leave at the end of the article) since we read that it was one of the accesses that were closest to the waterfall itself. We left our rental car there first thing in the morning and headed for the waterfall. It is best to try to go there first thing in the morning, around 8 or 9. In this way, you will later have time to eat quietly and in the afternoon take advantage of some of the wonderful beaches that are nearby.

If the forecast is to find yourself quite muddy you can rent some wellies directly there. As soon as you pass the restaurant at Parada la Manzana in the direction of the route, you will find options. As always, haggle the price. From what they tell you first, lower the price by half. We doubted whether to take the boots or not, but finally we decided to go with our sneakers, we found mud, especially on the way out and we admit that our tennis shoes ended up a bit dirty, but they survived. 🙂

El Limon waterfall route
First part of the route to the El Limón Waterfall


In the same place where you can rent the boots you can also find some guide In case you don't dare to go alone. We read that they were very annoying trying to sell you the excursion on horseback or with a guide, but I don't know if we went too soon or that since that access they weren't so sad, but nobody told us a word. Which we greatly appreciate.

Once the issue of footwear is resolved, we en route to the Limón Waterfall. After the area for renting boots and horses you have to take the path to the left. Always, throughout the route, when you see a fork, take the path to the left.

At the beginning there are a couple of strong climbs and the terrain is cumbersome with stones, if there is mud it can become somewhat slippery, but in our case it did not seem hard at all. I have a back problem and it is very difficult for me to climb steep slopes and the truth is that I did not have any problem. Nothing that you are in a minimum of physical form will not be difficult for you. Or so I think.

We arrive at a house and again we take the fork to the left. Walking through the jungle, listening to the sound of nature is really cool considering that we had already spent several days with a good dose of the beach and we wanted to change the register a bit. Along the way we met a lady who had a shop near the waterfall and was looking for coconuts. She herself kindly told us that when we find the photo that I put below, we should turn left and in this way we would find the path much less muddy.

detour on the route to the limon waterfall
Important to avoid mud! Take the turnoff to the left

An hour and ten minutes after starting to walk, we arrived at the entrance of the waterfall. The price to enter is 50 Dominican pesos (less than one euro) and in that access control area there are also local craft and drink stalls in case you need to regain strength. The last section is quite a few stairs down and with them you are already in paradise.

waterfall limon dominican republic
Stairs almost reaching the waterfall

The truth is that The waterfall is amazing and being able to bathe in it is a real luxury. Live is much better than in photos. Do not forget the swimsuit and also take the booties to make it easy for you to enter. It is not difficult, but with booties it will be more comfortable for you. By the way, I'm not going to lie to you. the water in the waterfall is coldbut bearable. Worth.

There is also another mini waterfall next to it and another one even further away, but we decided not to go to the latter because they told us that the path was quite muddy from the recent rains and the best of all is where we were.

Once the rich dip has hit, we undo our steps. The return became much more bearable and it took us about 45 minutes to return. You have to be careful to take the correct exit on the way back. Remember Parada la Manzana. There is no loss and it is signposted, but since you can enter through several places, you can also exit through several places.

lemon waterfall travel magnets
El Limon Waterfall

Where to eat in the Limón Waterfall

I recommend you eat the buffet that they have prepared directly in the The Apple Stop. The people who run it are very friendly, the food is simple, but tasty and authentic, and they treated us so well that we recommend it. Another option if you finish the route early is to eat at a more chic restaurant in Las Terrenas.

What to do near the Limon Waterfall

I fell in love with Samaná, so After doing the Limón Waterfall route, I recommend you go to the Las Terrenas area which takes about 35 minutes by car. In this area You can't miss Playa Coson. If you like kilometric beaches, I have no doubt that you will love it. Also, as a curiosity to comment that this beach is where the villa where the Island of Temptations is filmed is located. An ideal place to end the afternoon and rest from the route.

coson beach
Coson Beach

Recommended accommodation near the Limón Waterfall

We stayed in Santa Bárbara de Samaná and from there we made excursions throughout the peninsula. It is very well located from everything we wanted to see and great for getting around by car. The hotel chosen was the Hacienda Samaná Bay, a five-star hotel with an infinity pool on the roof, rooms with views of the bay and very good value for money. If you are looking for a more rural accommodation and closer to the Limón Waterfall, I recommend Samana Ecolodge.

where to sleep in samana
Our hotel in Samana, Hacienda Samaná Bay

Travel insurance to travel to the Dominican Republic

To end this article, do not forget about travel insurance to travel to the Dominican Republic. Any medical problem can cost you a kidney. That's why we always travel insured by Mondo Seguros. It is the best travel insurance on the market, it has the highest coverage compared to other insurances and also the best price. If you don't believe me, I recommend you read this article about the Mondo discount. Also, I have a 5% discount if you hire it from this link. You don't want to miss it, do you?

tropical forest waterfall lemon
Through the tropical forest on the way to the Limón Waterfall

I hope you liked this Route to the Limón Waterfall in the Dominican Republic on your own or on an excursion and everything is clear to you. If you have any more questions, I'll wait for you in the comments of this post.

I leave you a map with the places that I mention in the post so that you can locate yourself wonderfully.

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