June in New York - What to do and the weather (2023)

In June in New York, some days start to get very hot. New Yorkers celebrate opening the windows of all restaurants and premises, filling the street with activities and going everywhere with an iced coffee in hand.

The nights begin open-air cinema, sports and dance sessions in parksthe concerts in the gardens…

Do you visit us at this time? ask yourself a iced coffee, and sign up everything you can do in June in New York!

🌸 Guide to spring in New York. If you visit us at another time, in this guide and in our New York calendar month by month you will find a lot of ideas.

June in New York - Flatiron Building

June in New York (2023)


Weather in New York in June

June is a hot monthand although it is accompanied by some rain, temperatures are always high.


  • Temperatures in June in New York They range, on average, from 18 to 26 degrees Celsius.
    Can consult the forecast for your trip in the weather app on your mobile (we use Google Weather) or in AccuWeather.
  • The days are very long: the sun rises before 6:00 a.m. and sets after 8:00 p.m., so you can spend lots of time outdoors!

What to wear in New York in June

  • What clothes to wear. take away summer clothes such as dresses, short-sleeved shirts, short pants or cool long pants...
    And also a couple of pieces of long sleeve, especially for the nights or for those stores that have Antarctic level air conditioning.
    A jean jacket or a thin cardigan, which take up little space and can be put on and taken off depending on the weather, are a good resource for this season, although with a bit of luck you won't have to wear them!
    Do not forget to wear comfortable and not very hot shoes, sunscreen and Sunglassesif you use them.
    It is also a good idea to bring an umbrella. And, if you want to watch movies outdoors in the parks, a picnic towel or blanket that you can use to sit and dine on the grass, although you can always buy that at a Target-type store.
  • In our guide to weather in New York and what clothes to wear depending on the season you have more information about the temperatures.
  • Prepare your suitcase to travel to New York with our list, and download it for free so you don't forget anything!

Accommodation in New York in June

As it happens in May, June in New York is already hotel high seasonwhich means high prices.

Although, of course, you can always find an offer, especially if you search with time. If you travel at this time, we recommend closing the accommodation as far in advance as possible.

Find your hotel in New York

June in New York

What to do in June in New York

Here you have a compilation of plans throughout May, from the classics to exhibitions and specific proposals for this year.

All proposals are updated at the time of publication of the guidebut there may be changes, so remember to always visit the official websites that we link to.

Typical June Plans

  • Retro Skating at Rockefeller Center (the whole month). The roller skating rink returns to the Rockefeller! Put on some skates and enjoy a skating session with music.
  • SummerStage (the whole month). Throughout the summer, this popular festival fills the Rumsey Playfield area in center park, of many concerts. Most of them are free (there are also paid ones), and there are food and drink bars on the track, stands to sit down... A good atmosphere!
  • Shakespeare in the Park (June 8 – August 6, 2023). If you want to take part in one of New York's most beloved summer traditions, you have to go to the outdoor performance of a Shakespearean play at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.
    The tickets are free and they are distributed every day from June to the end of August, although there are queues to get them (they tell you how to order them on the web).Shakespeare in The Park in Central Park - Summer in New York
  • photoville (3 – June 18, 2023). A most original (and free) photo exhibition: it is installed in various shipping containers in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
  • Outdoor cinema in the parks (As of June). Throughout the month, and until the end of August, free outdoor movies are shown in New York parks.
    Take a blanket and a picnic and have a movie night in Bryant Park in Brooklyn Bridge Park… Programming.Free Cinema in New York - Cinema in Bryant Park
  • Tribeca Film Festival (June 7 – 18, 2023). The Tribeca Film Festival is a festival promoted by the actor robert deniro who managed to make the Tribeca neighborhood, in the south of Manhattan, fashionable again. It focuses on independent films, organizes screenings outdoors and in neighborhood theaters and studios, and always attracts familiar faces.
  • Jazz Age Lawn Party (June 10 -13, 2023). This festival of the 20s is held every summer on Governors Island. Take the ferry and disembark on a Prohibition-era island where you can dance the Charleston, sip cocktails (yes, there's legal alcohol) and experience an original evening. ticket website.
  • festival bus (June 10, 2023). The New York Transit Museum exhibits several buses vintage under the brooklyn bridge. Explore them inside for free!
  • Puerto Rican Parade (June 11, 2023). On the second Sunday of June, the Puerto Rican community takes over 5th Avenue with a parade full of music, floats and a good atmosphere.
  • Museum Mile Festival (June 13, 2023). The museums on Museum Mile (that is, the area of ​​5th Avenue between 82nd and 105th streets) open their doors for free from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Choose your favorite (Guggenheim, Cooper Hewitt, the Met…), and enjoy a night at the museum!visit the met
  • Coney Island Mermaid Parade (June 17, 2023). One of the most outlandish festivals that take place in June in New York.
    He Coney Island amusement park It is an eccentric place, and so is its annual parade, where they dress up as mermaids and they dress up as sea gods... Guaranteed surprises!Visit Coney Island New York Amusement Park and Beach
  • MET Opera Summer Recital Series (June 20 – 30, 2023). Another summer classic in New York is the free opera in the parks offered by the MET. There is a concert for each of the five boroughs of new yorkin places like Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • NYC Pride March (June 25, 2023). Gay pride week in New York is celebrated in style and is aimed at all audiences: there are street fairs, concerts by great artists...
    The most important act is the Pride March, a parade along 5th Avenue led by personalities from the world of entertainment and which brings together thousands of people.

Special plans for June 2023 in New York

In addition to the typical plans in New York, this year you can also enjoy:

  • Titanic: The Exhibition (until June 2023). This famous exhibition finally arrives in New York, the destination city of the Titanic. We really liked it because it includes photos and original objects from the passengers, replicas of different rooms, testimonials from survivors... 🎟 Here you can buy the tickets.
  • Bridgerton Experience: The Queen's Ball (until July 2023). Did you see Bridgerton in one sitting? This interactive experience, with music, performances and scenery from the series, will make you feel like a king or queen. 🎟 Here you can buy the tickets.
  • Yayoi Kusama at David Zwirner Gallery (until July 21, 2023). This Chelsea gallery hosts, once again, an exhibition of works by the beloved Yayoi Kusama. It's free, but there are usually very long queues, so read the info carefully on your website.
  • Harry Potter: The Exhibition (until October 2023). A new exhibition on the universe of Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals comes to New York. If you're a fan of HP, don't miss it!
  • small is beautiful (until June 2023). A universe of miniature objects and art, very close to Washington Square, that will captivate both adults and the little ones in the family. 🎟 Here you can buy tickets.
  • The Friends Experience (2023). If you're a Friends fan, you still have time to discover the settings and secrets of the series in this temporary exhibition, which recreates places like Monica's apartment in detail. 🎟 Here you can buy tickets and here we tell you our experience.
  • The Friends Experience, the Friends exhibition in New York - Monica's Apartment
  • Summer for the City at Lincoln Center (until August 2023). Free music, dance and performances at Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side all summer long.
  • 'treasures', in the New York Public Library. This free NYPL exhibit is packed with treasures, from the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals to Virginia Woolf's cane, Charles Dickens' desk and chair, one of Gutenberg's bibles… 🎟 You can request free admission here.

Other great plans in New York

These are the most important celebrations in June, but in our New York calendar you will find endless more ideas. For example:

Have you traveled to New York in June? What did you like the most about this time?

New York guide updated May 2023.

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