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In this article we are going to tell you all the tips and information about how to visit Teide. From how to climb Mount Teide, how to book tickets for the cable car, how to get to the crater itself, what to wear, what you'll find up there, some tips for organizing the visit and other plans to see in the surroundings.

He Pico Teide is 3,718 meters high and can boast of being the highest peak in Spain. And not only that, it is the Most visited National Park in Spain. The roof of Spain is the place I liked the most on the entire island. I assure you that it makes your hair stand on end. For the visit to be a complete success, you have to prepare it a little in advance and take into account some things that I am going to detail in this article.

tips to visit the teide
All the tips to visit Mount Teide that you need to know

In total the Teide National Park occupies 189.9km2 between the volcano and its lunar landscape caldera. The park was declared Heritage of humanity by unesco. And it doesn't surprise me at all. You don't have a volcano of such dimensions before you every day. Teide is a volcano that they call active, it has erupted 13 times in the last 2000 years. whatDid you know that the last time it erupted was in 1909?? It hasn't been that long either, has it? Let's hope it doesn't happen again in the next few years.

As we are facing a place of high mountains and also very visited, I want to give you a lot of tips on how to visit Teide. It is not a place where you go and go, that's it, check. You have to prepare a bit for the visit.


Where is Teide? How to get here?

He Teide is located in the heart of the island of Tenerife. Getting here is very simple. Being in the center of the island, you can reach practically any point of Tenerife in an hour by car. So that you can see that I am not exaggerating, these are the distances by car from the most visited places on the island.

  • Distance from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Teide: 63 kilometers, an hour and a quarter.
  • Distance from Puerto de la Cruz to Teide: 40 kilometers, one hour by car.
  • Distance from Los Cristianos to Teide: 63 kilometers, one hour by car.

Also, if you're wondering how to visit Teide by car Be aware that there is free parking right next to the cable car. Of course, the sooner you arrive the better, at noon it is difficult to find a place.

But visit Teide by car that you know that there are excursions that pick you up at the hotel and take you directly to the cable car, it also includes the tickets. It is essential to book at least three days in advance.

visit the cable car teide
Visit Teide by cable car

How to go up Mount Teide by cable car, is it worth it?

Yes, yes and yes. A resounding yes. We are not very mountaineers, so going up by cable car seems like a great idea. The cable car takes you up the 1,200 meter drop in 8 minutes. If you are an expert mountaineer and you want to do it on foot, you can do it. The ascent route is about 5 hours. One thing that I find very interesting is to combine both options. For example, you can just go up on foot and go down by cable car or go up by cable car and walk down the route. As you want.

We buy the tickets for climb Teide round trip and the price was 38 euros. It is expensive yes, but it is well worth it. Of course, try to get the ticket as far in advance as possible.

How to get the ticket to go up the Teide Cable Car

To get the Teide ticket you have to go to the official Volcano Teide website. There you will see the different ticket options available. If available the best option is going up and down Mount Teide. If you only want one journey (either up or down) the price is 21.50 euros.

There are also other options like Guided route to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint or come up with audio guide. In my opinion, the guided options to Teide cost more and are not worth it. The best thing about Teide is enjoying the landscape. As in other places I recognize that it is essential to visit them with a guided tour that tells you all the history of the place, in Teide I do not consider it so necessary. Therefore, I recommend you only book the ticket to go up and down the cable car. It is also true that this option is the most demanded and they sell out quickly. For this reason, sometimes there is no choice but to buy the ticket with a guide or audio guide and pay a little more because they are the only options that have availability.

When buying the tickets to climb Teide you have to select the exact time to go up. I recommend that you book first thing in the morning. In this way you avoid the crowd of people, especially on excursions.

The cable car drops you off at the Teide viewpoint. Regardless of the cable car entry option you choose, you have to know that it is only possible to be up for an hour. After the hour you have to go down again.

And another very important thing to keep in mind. Pregnant women, children under 3 years of age, and people with heart problems cannot climb Mount Teide.. Instead, yes you can visit El Teide with children over 3 years old and up. Also, if you travel with children I think they will love going up on the cable car.

views from the teide
Views from the Mirador del Teide to Gran Canaria

Weather on Teide

This is one of the Tips for visiting Teide to which you have to pay special attention. Check the weather it's going to do! And above all, check the temperature to which you are going to expose yourself. I remind you that you are in high mountains and it is incredibly cold. I assure. Both below the cable car and above. The average temperature on Teide is 9ºC in summer, reaching -5ºC in winter. As you can see, the temperature here has nothing to do with the average 23º Celsius it is on the rest of the island. Really, No matter what time you go, it is essential to wear a good jacket to visit Teide. Don't be a foreigner and stand there in cholas, covering yourself with beach towels. There is always someone who goes like this. That's why I warn you, so it's not you. 😉

Since we are high up Last-minute weather changes are the order of the day and are unpredictable. Therefore, do not be surprised if they close the cable car in case of wind. Every day it carries out an exhaustive control, but in the event of any serious weather incident they close it. Don't worry, if they catch you at the top they won't leave you there.

I always recommend checking the temperature as well as the weather forecast. Of course, the clearer the day, the better And if you can avoid the haze, even better. Anyway, You can cancel the cable car ride or change the date up to 1 hour before of the climb for free.


Clothes to climb Teide

In addition to a good jacket, regardless of the time of year you go, it is essential to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and some water. As for footwear, we did the route to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint with sneakers, but some hiking boots would not have been bad. We went up in November, it hadn't snowed yet, but if you go in the middle of winter you have to be much more prepared, mountain boots are essential.

clothes to climb the teide
Do not forget to go up warm, it is one of the best tips to visit Teide that I can give you

Access to the top of Teide

From where the cable car leaves you, you still have 200 meters to the crater. If you want to climb to the top you have to apply for permission well in advance. Minimum a month or two. Access is highly controlled and limited to just 200 people a day. Can order it directly here. The route is quite difficult, it is not suitable for all types of people.

ascent to the top of teide
Ascent to the top of Teide

Hiking trails on Teide

Once you get on the Estación Superior del Teide as soon as you leave is the viewpoint of Teide. If the day is clear, the island of Gran Canaria is perfectly visible from here. From here you have a couple of simple and easy hiking routes (plus the route to the crater which requires the special permit).

One is the route to viewpoint of the fortress and the other is the path to Old Peak Viewpoint. In both, it is not necessary to request prior permission. But you have to choose one of them. Only having an hour of stay time on top doesn't give you time to do both.

We made the route to the Viewpoint of the Old Peak. In about 25 minutes you do the 700 meters of the route until you reach the viewpoint, but be careful that you have to return later. There is hardly any unevenness and it is quite easy, but you have to take into account that you are so high that the lack of oxygen is noticeable. Especially around the corner. We loved the route, without a doubt it is the one that we recommend. The best thing about the route is that if the day is clear you can see La Gomera, La Palma and in the distance El Hierro. And it looks perfectly Pico Viejo crater, the last volcano to erupt on the island. Be careful with the dimensions of the crater because it is brutal. The Pico Viejo crater has a diameter 10 times larger than the Teide crater.

tips to visit the teide viewpoint pico viejo
Views from the Mirador Pico Viejo to the volcano with La Gomera behind

More things to see on Teide

Once you have gone up and down Teide I recommend you visit the viewpoints with views of Teide in Las Cañadas. Many of them are next to the road. For example, him Mirador El Tabonal Negro or La Roulette Viewpoint. Of course, you can't leave the area without going around the Roques de Garcia where you will find the mythical rock that appeared on the 1000 pesetas bills. Oh my gosh! The time that has passed since those tickets, right? Don't lose sight of the Teide Observatory. It is one of the most important observatories in Europe.

One thing that I find very interesting if you feel like it visit Teide at night and make a night hiking route through the Cañadas del Teide. Flat! I recommend you take a look directly here.

viewpoints to see on teide
Viewpoints in the Cañadas del Teide

Recommended accommodation near Teide

We visit Teide from the south of the island, but if you want to spend the night in this wonderful place, I recommend that you take a look at the Parador del Teide. Some of its rooms have views of Mount Teide. One last!


Finally, we briefly recap the best tips on how to visit Mount Teide:

If you have any more questions about how to climb Mount Teide, I'll wait for you in the comments of this post.

top of Teide
We say goodbye from Teide

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