How the 4th of July is celebrated around the world

The 4th of July is a day marked in red on the American calendar and it is not for less. The origin of the party goes back to 1776, when the Continental Congress of Philadelphia approved the Declaration of Independence of the thirteen colonies of the North American Union that belonged to Great Britain. With such an important event to celebrate, every year the country adorns any corner with the colorful colors of the flag. Parades fill the streets and families gather around a good barbecue to celebrate the big day and watch, as night falls, how the sky lights up with vibrant fireworks. But the commemoration of this important event does not stop here and transcends borders. Thousands of patriots who live abroad go out of their way to pay their own tribute and participate, from a distance, in the famous Federal Festival. This is a way to spread pride and gratitude to your country throughout the planet.

If you want to know how the 4th of July is celebrated in the world, we show you some of those places. If you are traveling and you feel like waving the stripes and stars of the American flag to the rhythm of the parades in the purest American style, eating hamburgers and opening your mouth contemplating the magic and color that accompany each fireworks display artificial, read on.


Shanghai, China

The Chinese mega-metropolis is teeming with American expats. On the 4th of July, they celebrate the Independence party in style in the purest cowboy style. The Texan theme fills the meeting places and attendees put on their cowboy boots, plaid shirt and cowboy hat to enjoy the day to the fullest. Of course, the barbecue and the beer cannot be missing and to reverse the excesses a bit, they dance non-stop in line to the sound of the country rhythm. A downtown bar in the city offers every year a menu based on barbecue, hot dogs and the famous Goose Island Ipa brewed North American beer to feel like you are in the US and pay tribute to this historic day.

Paris: places open to travel now

Americans residing in the City of Lights also celebrate the 4th of July. The Expats Paris expat community encourages people to come to the party in their best American flag-inspired attire and offers free snacks and drinks to make them feel at home. In the old Harry's New York bar, where the famous Bloody Mary cocktail was invented and Gershwin wrote “An American in Paris”, you can enjoy the typical hot dog and look for your university flag. To feel like you're on American soil, the courtyard of famed dressmaker Ralph Lauren's San Germain store offers burgers, Angus steaks and tasty California wines.

Rebild, Denmark

The Danish town of Rebild celebrates July 4 since 1912 as a sign of gratitude to the country that welcomed more than 300,000 Danish immigrants with open arms and to continue those ties of friendship between the two countries. Events are held on the 77-hectare heather hills, Rebild Bakker. These lands were bought thanks to donations from expatriates and given to the king with the purpose of being the place where the Rebildfest would be held annually. The American flag and the Dannebrog they wave in unison that day, standing out against the green of the landscape. The event includes speeches by prominent personalities from both countries, including members of the Danish royal family, Walt Disney and President Nixon.

Sydney - 4th of July Celebrations

We continue shelling out how the 4th of July is celebrated in the world and the Australian capital is another of the protagonists. Expatriates organize a macro party to celebrate Independence Day, being the most important in the southern hemisphere. The only requirement is to comply with a typically American dress code, with the colors blue, white and red. Numerous leisure activities animate the days of this event that begins on July 2. There are free American whiskey tastings, beer pong and cornhole, all enlivened by DJ performances. To end the festivities, fireworks decorate the sky in vibrant colors to celebrate this famous day with joy and pride.

London 2012 Olympic Cities

Of course, in the British capital it is also celebrated on the 4th of July. Numerous catering establishments in the city offer a variety of events and menus to commemorate the occasion. Cruises on the River Thames, parties with live music and organized picnics will make you feel the Yankee spirit closer than ever. Don't forget to stop by the house of Benjamin Franklin, the only one who signed the four documents to create a new nation. The building is decorated for the occasion and includes tours and shows to understand the historical event.

You already know how the 4th of July is celebrated around the world and you don't need to be in the US to celebrate Independence Day. Whether you are an American expatriate or visiting one of these cities, you can celebrate in style and live with the same patriotic passion this day of liberation so important in history. Travel to these destinations with Exoticca and explore our wide range of trips to extraordinary destinations on the official website:

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