Go up to One World Observatory

Go up to One World Observatoryin the World Trade Center, allows you to enjoy a very different perspective of New York.

And it is that this viewpoint, located in the tallest building in the cityis the only one that rises in the south of Manhattan.

Are we going to find out? We tell you everything you need to know to go up to One World!

🌟 Which observatory in New York is better? If you are not sure which viewpoint to choose, in our comparison has the pros, cons and views from each.

Go up to One World, in the World Trade Center


The One World skyscraper and its viewpoint

The One World Observatory is located in the One World Trade Center skyscraperthe highest in New York and the United States.

  • One World Trade Center is found in the world trade centerin the south of Manhattan, right next to where the Twin Towers used to rise.
  • As its name indicates, it is at number 1 of the World Trade Center. In fact, did you know that the official name of the North Tower of the Twin Towers was also One World Trade Center?
    As you will see, it is one of the many tributes to these disappeared skyscrapers.
  • It measures 1,776 feet (541 meters). A symbolic height, since it coincides with the year in which the United States Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • EITHERanother curious symbolism? The height of the skyscraper without counting the needle is 417 meters, the same as the North Tower of the Twin Towers.
  • The viewpoint, the One World Observatoryis located between floors 100 and 102 of One World Trade Center, 386.5 meters high.

🌟 Discover what to do at the world trade center plus go up to the observatory and explore the rest of the Financial District with our guide.

Go up to the One World Observatory, the observatory of the World Trade Center

Prices and tickets for One World

If you already know that you want to go up to One World, we recommend buy tickets in advance for save you the queues at the box officewhich in high season can be quite long.

If you buy tickets in advance, you can go directly into the building and go to the security control.

Tickets and schedules

One World Observatory prices

These are the prices for go up to One World at the time of publishing this guide, very similar to those of the others New York observatories.

Remember to enter the official website to check if they have changed.

Note that the official price does not include taxes and management fees. With everything added up, adult admission costs about $48.

Through websites like Civitatissometimes you can save a few bucks.

Entrance with tourist cards

The entrance to One World is included in these New York cards.

No need to reserve a timethey will assign you the first one that is available as soon as you arrive at the observatory (we recommend you go first thing in the morning).

🌟 Here's oneComparison of the best New York tourist cardsso you can see which one best suits your trip.

The views of New York from the Edge 2 observation deck
One World seen from Edge Observatory

Go up to One World Observatory

Ready to climb the One World Observatory? Before entering, we suggest you stand on the side of One World Trade Center until you when you look up you see it as a triangle.

Seen like this, looks like an infinite buildingTRUE? Let's go!

The elevators and the first part of the visit

The ascent to One World Observatory begins with strong emotions: the elevators take you to the 102nd floor in 47 seconds!

During the journey, the walls project a time lapse virtual New York history from 1600 to the present day.

Around you, you will see the first homes in Manhattan, the construction of bridges and mythical buildings, the sad disappearance of the Twin Towers and the silhouette of the city of skyscrapers change along the centuries.

Go up to One World, the observatory of the World Trade Center

The ascent ends in an instant, and only plugged ears make you notice that you have climbed to the top of the skyscraper.

To be honest, the first part of the visit is our least favorite: they take you up in an elevator to the 102nd floor, they show you a projection, they try to sell you an iPad with a virtual map of the city, then they take a photo of you, they ask you to go down to the 100th floor...

It's only 20 minutes, but what visitors want is to enjoy the views freely.

The views from One World Observatory

And the free part of the visit begins! The One World observatory is located on the 100th floor, and thanks to the 360-degree panorama, it will make you feel that New York is a miniature set.

Through the windows, you will see the entire city from a bird's eye view. to the south awaits you the Financial District, with the statue of Liberty (of all the observatories, it is the one that offers the closest view) and the island of Governors Island.

If you look down at an almost right angle, you will distinguish the complex of World Trade Center, with the Oculus and the pools where the Twin Towers stood.

To the southeast, towards the East River, you can enjoy an unusual view (at least in terms of New York observatories) of the brooklyn bridges Manhattan and of williamsburg, with the borough of Brooklyn stretching out on the horizon behind.

Go up to One World Observatory, the highest viewpoint in New York

Go up to One World Observatory, the highest viewpoint in New York

Go up to One World, the observatory of the World Trade Center

To the southwest, on the other hand, you will see the state of new jerseywith several skyscrapers along the Hudson River.

To the north the good stuff continues: there the buildings of Manhattan await you competing for space, with the spiers of the empire state building either the Chrysler Building standing out from the crowd.

If there is something we like about the views from One World, it is that they are quite different from the usual.

the lack of center park (which is a tiny dot in the distance) and the distance from Midtown is offset by nice images of the East River and its bridges, the Hudson River and the ocean.

Go up to One World, the observatory of the World Trade CenterGo up to the One World Observatory, the observatory of the World Trade Center

Go up to One World, the observatory of the World Trade Center

The observatory is complemented by various interactive exhibitswhere you can see other New York attractions or real-time traffic on neighboring streets.

For us, andThis virtual experience is the least interesting, since it remains very small compared to the beautiful real panorama that you have around you.

Go up to One World, the observatory of the World Trade Center

Disadvantages of One World

And yet, for us, the One World Observatory has a major drawback: it is a 100% indoor observatoryunlike the others, which have outdoor terraces.

At no time can you go out on the street, feel the air on your facelistening to the noises of the city...

everything is seen through glasseswhich are full of smudges and footprints from visitors and reflect light in such a way that taking photos without reflections is almost impossible.

But still, go up to One World Observatory and see New York from there It is an incredible experience and, if you have the opportunity, we encourage you to enjoy it at least once!

Go up to One World Observatory, the highest viewpoint in New York

Go up to One World, the observatory of the World Trade Center

Tips and practical information

  • One World Observatory | 285 Fulton Street, New York. The entrance to the observatory is at the corner of West St and Vesey St.
  • 🎟 Buy your tickets in advance here.
  • All parts of the observatory are wheelchair accessible.
  • The meters closest to One World are World Trade Center (E, 1), Chambers St (A, C, 1, 2, 3), Fulton Street (A, C, J, Z, 2, 3, 4, 5), Park Place ( 2, 3) and Cortland St (R, W).
  • How long is the visit to One World Observatory? More or less an hour (plus the time it takes to queue and go up), but There is no time limitso you can stay as long as you want.
    We stayed for two hours the first time, from before sunset until nightfall.
  • Find what time the sun sets. The sun sets behind the Hudson River and the skyscrapers of New Jersey, and from the observation deck the views are very beautiful. Plus, you'll see the buildings on Wall St lit up at night!
    Buy tickets for at least 1 hour before, or even 1.5 hours before, sunset.
  • Can I bring a baby carriage? Yes, but in the elevator they will ask you to fold it.
  • On which cards is One World Observatory included? In the new york passin the Sightseeing Pass and in the go city new york. Think about what other attractions you would like to visit and calculate if any of them pays off for you.
    here you have one comparison between the best tourist cards in New York.

🌟 Here we propose others places to see the skyline from new york free.

And you, have you already gone up to One World Observatory? What is the best viewpoint in New York for you? Tell us in the comments!

New York guide updated April 2023.

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