Gastronomy and crafts in the Portuguese Algarve

In the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve region is a land that offers impressive landscapes, treasures a long and interesting history and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. in it you will find great beaches, dramatic cliffs and small fishing villages that come out of their lethargy with the arrival of the summer heat. But, in addition, there are two other powerful reasons to visit this beautiful part of southern Portugal: the handicrafts made by its people and the tasty and varied gastronomy with which you will be entertained in every town and city.

And it is that, any destination that boasts must have its hallmarks, and gastronomy and crafts are, without a doubt, two characteristic features of the portuguese algarve.

Do you want to know which are the best representatives of these two arts?


Gastronomy in the Portuguese Algarve


He Algarve It is a land that will enter our souls and memories thanks to its landscapes, but also to the sensations, smells, colors and flavors that it brings us. his good table.

On one hand, the algarve cuisine presents a mixture of cultures and products. In the elaboration of its dishes, one feels that indelible legacy that its arabic pasta legacy that is also transmitted to the urban organization of towns as beautiful as silvesthe old capital of the Algarve.

From that past a good number of algarve sweets, which are based on figs and almonds. Also the container – which presents a certain resemblance to Arab tajines – in which the cataplanathe quintessential Algarve dish.

The fundamental raw material of the cataplana comes from its beautiful coast. Every day, the dedicated fishermen work in the wild waters of the ocean to bring to port an endless variety of fish and shellfish of the highest quality and freshness. With them, the master chefs from restaurants scattered throughout the Algarve coast will work their magic to delight their guests with the best cataplanas in the world.

The most common cataplana is the one that combines fish and shellfish. For example, it can be prepared with monkfish tails, prawns and cockles, to which a small onion, red pepper, garlic, tomato, a glass of white wine, some parsley, salt and olive oil should be added. The result is so excellent that more than explaining it with words, it has to be lived, and felt, in the first person.

Other typical foods from the Algarve are:

  • cod: it is not a surprise in Portugal, but the typical of the Algarve is the bacalhau à Bráswhich consists of pieces of dried cod with peppers and boiled potatoes.
  • soupy rice with seafood (usually add a touch of coriander)
  • grelhados (Grilled meat and fish)
  • grilled sardines
  • cozido a portuguesa: popular, especially in winter. It is prepared with various types of meat, rice, beans and vegetables. Quite strong and tasty.

Crafts in the Portuguese Algarve

Acquire products from skilled artisans of the Algarve is much more than taking home a souvenir. What you are doing is keeping a little piece of those people and that land, and their traditions, with you.

The Algarve is an area very rich in crafts.

famous are their ceramics, tiles, pieces of wood, copper, wrought iron and even corkbut the ornaments and objects created from the Palm leavesan activity that in the past was very important for the economy of many Algarve families and today is something that is being lost, although the artisans who are still dedicated to it place their creations among the most coveted objects by buyers.


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In the Algarve, crafts are part of their culture. A culture that cannot be lost and whose perpetuity and continuity are being promoted with projects such as RATE (Ancient Techniques, Current Solutions).

This project tries to preserve traditional culture through innovation in design and novel use of materials. It is about promoting the work of a new generation of artisans who continue with the tradition.

Thus, we will be able to get hold of esparto grass suitcases, cloth covers for mobile phones, belts, cork bags and many other interesting objects that will bring us pleasant memories for life.

Gastronomy and craft workshops in the Algarve

how to visit ponta da piedad algarve

Ponta da Piedade. Photo © David Escribano

Knowing the gastronomy and crafts of the Algarve as a traveler is very good, but what would you say to me if you could participate in both things firsthand?

to live a full cultural immersion in this blessed land, the best thing you can do is participate in one of the creative tourism workshops that are taught in the area.

Are taught by true experts in both arts and in them you can learn to create objects with esparto grass, palm, mud and other materials; or how to cook a magnificent Algarve cataplana. Can you imagine the face your friends will make when you cook one for them at home?

Every time you do it, you will feel, in a certain way, that you are once again visiting that promised land that is the Portuguese Algarve.


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