Free concerts in New York during the summer (2023)

Free concerts in NY? Yeah baby! In the months of good weather, more or less from may to septemberthe city offers countless opportunities to listen to live music without spending a dollar.

So take note: today we tell you How and where to enjoy free concerts in New York this summer!

🌟 Other free ideas in New York. In addition to these concerts, we have thousands of other free proposals in the city.

Free concerts at Rockefeller (TODAY)
Free Maroon 5 Concert at Rockefeller | © TODAY & NBC

Free concerts in New York in summer (2023)


Free concerts at Rockefeller Center

One of the most popular concert cycles of the summer is that of Todaythe morning show on NBC television.

Is called Citi Music Series and usually gathers famous singers and bands that getting to attend is difficult.

  • you have all the information on the Today website.
  • Concerts take place on Thursday or Friday mornings May to early September.
  • They take place in the Today Plaza, in the southern part of Rockefeller Center, in front of the studios where the program is filmed.
  • they start from 8 in the morning and are broadcast live on TV. The place fills up fast, so if you are very interested in a specific group, they recommend arrive around 5 in the morning.
    For the most famous bands and singers, sometimes people start queuing up at 7pm the day before. Yes, crazy!

🌟 Go through the rockefeller center guide and discover the essential places of this place in New York.

Free concerts in New York from the Today Show schedule
TODAY is NBC's morning show and is filmed at the Rockefeller

Free concerts in Central Park

Although it is a nerve center throughout the year, in summer Central Park becomes home to several of the shows and concerts free in new york

The Good Morning America concerts

The Good Morning America concert series, the morning show on ABC television, is known as GMA Concert Series.

  • You will find all the information on the Central Park website.
  • The concerts They take place on Friday mornings in the Rumsay Playfield, in the east of the park, at the height of the streets 71-72.
  • they start from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning. The doors of the enclosure open at 6:00 in the morning.
  • The concerts are free, but, for some, you have to ask for input in advance through the website indicated. They usually get tickets a week before the concert.

The Summerstage concerts

Another series of concerts that is held in Central Park in summer and that brings together thousands of New Yorkers is summerstage.

  • Do you have the program summerstage website.
  • concerts take place June to September at Rumsey Playfield, in the east of the park. There are also a few concerts at other venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
  • Although most Summerstage concerts are freeSome are paid.

🌸 in our central park guide We take you to explore every corner of the park.

New York Skyscrapers - Billionaires Row from Central Park

Free Concerts at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is another of the new york oases where, in summer, you will always find a good free plan.

Remember take a blanket and a picnic to lie on the grass to enjoy!

  • Picnic Performances is a series of concerts, dance and theater that takes place on summer nights from June to September on the central lawn. As the name suggests, ideal to enjoy with a picnic!
  • Broadway in the Park brings clips of musicals and Broadway plays to the park throughout the summer.
  • Every day there are little piano concerts towards noon.

⛲ Stop by our Bryant Park guide to discover more of this green lung between skyscrapers.

Tips to prepare a trip to New York - Bryant Park in summer

Free Concerts on Little Island

Another place where you can enjoy free concerts in New York during the summer is Little Island, the park on an island over the Hudson River.

  • You have the list of shows in Little Island website.
  • Concerts and performances take place in The Amph, the park's amphitheatre, from July to September.
  • Most concerts are freealthough for some it is necessary to buy a ticket.

🌿 Here we tell you how to visit little island on your next trip to New York.

Tickets for Little Island, the park in New York
©Little Island

Free Concerts in Prospect Park

Brooklyn also has its share of music open to everyone: the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn.

  • You will find the complete program on the BRIC website.
  • concerts take place in Prospect Parkthe green lung of Brooklyn, at the Bandshell.
  • Although the vast majority of concerts are free, you will have to book ticket in the web.

Autumn in New York Prospect Park and Park Slope-2

Free Concerts at Hudson Yards

The Hudson Yards neighborhood is another place that offers free concerts in New York in summer.

  • You will find the program at Hudson Yards website.
  • The concerts are free and take place on Wednesdays in June and July in the square from the neighborhood, next to the Vessel and the shopping center.
  • You do not need a ticket to attend.
  • In the square there are food and drink options and, if not, you can eat in one of the restaurants in the shopping center or in the Little Spain market.

Other concerts in New York

In addition to the free concerts in New York that we have compiled, you will also find a multitude of paid performances in the city.

We recommend you check these websites to stay up to date:

Map of free concerts in New York

We hope this guide will help you attend one of the free concerts in New York this summer!

If you have already been, tell us, how was the experience?

New York guide updated May 2023 and first published May 2015.

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