Donguri: The Official Ghibli Store

If you can't go to the Ghibli Museum or Ghibli Park but want to buy merchandising from Studio Ghibli, don't worry. In Japan there are a lot of Dongurithe official Ghibli store, where you will find all kinds of Ghibli items.

Donguri shops (どんぐり共和国, Donguri Kyowakoku) are a must for any Studio Ghibli fan, even if you don't plan to buy anything. Just to see its decoration and take a look at some of the exclusive products, it is worth visiting.

Eric and Laura at the Donguri store in Tokyo Solamachi
Eric and Laura at the Donguri store in Tokyo Solamachi

And since they are found in many cities and tourist spots, it will be easy for you to include them in your Japan itinerary. Of course, prepare your wallet, because even if you do not want to buy anything, you will end up sinning... sure!

What you will find in Donguri stores

Donguri stores often have a large Totoro outside, which you can take photos with. And once you cross the door, the music will surprise you, because different soundtracks from Ghibli movies always play here.

Inside you will find all kinds of items related to the characters from the Ghibli movies. From Totoro to Ponyo, Kaonashi or Jiji, Nicky's kitten. Also, some items are only available in certain stores, so it's worth visiting as many as you can if you really like Studio Ghibli.

Donguri shop from outside
Donguri shop from outside

You will find them all (and more!) in the form of a figure and a plush toy. But there are also all kinds of merchandising everything from cloth bags and key rings to obento boxes and decorative items. In addition, they also usually have design books, CDs and DVDs/Bluray.

Donguri Ginko, the "bank of acorns"

Some stores have a so-called "acorn bank" (どんぐり銀行) through which customers can donate acorns to the bank to be used in a reforestation project in Okawa, a small town in Shikoku, where they are planted. For every 100 acorns, customers can receive one oak plant in spring. More information in your website.

How to find official Ghibli stores

there are almost fifty donguri shops spread all over Japan. Normally you will find them in large shopping centers or on well-known shopping streets, so it will not be difficult for you to locate them.

In tokyo, you will find them in the underground area "Character Street" of Tokyo station, in Tokyo Solamachi, the shopping center at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree tower, and in the Sunshine City shopping center in Ikebukuro. In addition, there are also in Yokohama, Kamakura or Kawagoe.

In Kyoto, you will find them on two slopes at the foot of the Kiyomizudera temple: Kiyomizu-michi street and Ninenzaka slope. Meanwhile in osaka there are Donguri shops in Tennoji, Namba, Umeda or Shinsaibashi.

Large store in Tokyo Solamachi, at the foot of the Skytree
Large store in Tokyo Solamachi, at the foot of the Skytree

There are also stores in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Karuizawa, Niigata, Kochi, Matsuyama, Takamatsu, Fukuoka, Kokura, Kumamoto, and Naha, as well as some stores abroad (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Seoul).

However, you can easily locate them by searching for “Donguri” or “どんぐり共和国” on Google Maps or by taking a look at Donguri's official website.

Finally, keep in mind that the online store Donguri Kyôwakoku Sora no Ue It is only available to purchase in Japan.

Totoro dolls
Totoro dolls

Enjoy the official Ghibli store!

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