August in New York - What to do and the weather (2023)

Although the sun and humidity of July they continue to wage war, august in new york it is a month of more pleasant temperatures.

In addition to some summer storm that unloads with force and after a little dissipates, they await you many hours on the street and countless outdoor plans.

Will you visit the city at this time? we tell you everything you can do in August in New York!

🌞 Guide to summer in New York. If you visit us at another time, in this guide and in our New York calendar you will find a lot of ideas for each month.

August in New York

The month of August in New York (2023)


Weather in New York in August

August is a month of moderate heat, although on some days it continues to be noticeable sticky humidity so typical of summer in the Big Apple.


  • Temperatures in August in New York They range, on average, from 19 to 27 degrees Celsius.
    Can consult the forecast for your trip in apps from your mobile (we use Google Weather) or in AccuWeather.
  • The days are very long and you can squeeze them a lot. Although they begin to shorten little by little: by the end of the month, it already dawns after 6:00 a.m. and sunset before 8:00 p.m.

What to wear in New York in August

    • What clothes to wear As in July, in August you will need to fill your suitcase with light summer clothing: T-shirts, dresses, shorts or cool long pants…
      But you'll also need a long-sleeved piece or two. You may use them at night, when the temperature drops, or during the day, when stores and restaurants put the air conditioner on South Pole mode.
      you will also need comfortable and cool shoes. It may be open, but, between the subway and kicking around, at the end of the day you might have gray feet (yuck, but it's part of summer in New York!).
      And don't forget the sun cream, the sunglasses and the hat or beanie, if you wear it.
      If you plan to go to the pool (public pools in the city are free) or to the beach, don't forget the swimsuit.
      Either an umbrellasince summer storms are frequent in August (although you can always buy that once in New York at a Target-type store).
      If you want to watch movies outdoors in the parks or organize a picnic, it will also be great to have a towel or blanket that you can use to sit and eat dinner on the grass.
    • In our guide to weather in New York and what clothes to wear depending on the season you have more information about the temperatures.
    • Prepare your suitcase to travel to New York with our list, free downloadable included!

Accommodation in New York in August

As in July, hotels in August in New York are quite expensive, since it is high season.

But, especially if you travel at the end of the month, you will see that offers beginsince as of September tourism is already going down (until Christmas arrives).

In any case, we recommend you book your accommodation well in advance:

Find hotel in New York

What to do in New York in August

Let's go for ideas for this month! Remember that they are updated at the time of publication of the guidebut always check the official website of the activities for possible last-minute changes.

Typical August Plans

  • Free kayaking on the rivers (the whole month). Many New York piers offer free kayaking all summer long, so take advantage and paddle down the rivers with Manhattan in the background!Free Kayak New York Hudson River East River
  • Outdoor cinema in Bryant Park and other parks (all month long). Free movies with picnic included in Central Park, Bryant Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park? We sign up! Remember to bring a blanket to eat on the grass.
  • SummerStage (the whole month). This famous festival fills Central Park with concerts throughout the summer. Most of them are free, and there are food and drink bars on the track, stands to sit on…
  • Free concerts throughout the city (all month). In addition to Summerstage, in August you will find several concert series in places like Bryant Park, the Rockefeller Center... In the link we share our favorites.
  • US Open tennis tournament (August 28 – September 10, 2023). You like tennis? You have a must with one of the most famous tournaments, the US Open, which is played every summer in Queens. ohBuy tickets for a match and hallucinate with some of the best players in the world!
  • NYC Summer Streets (5, 12, 19 and 26 August 2023). Can you imagine walking or cycling through the Big Apple without a single car or taxi around you? For several Saturdays in the summer, it is possible thanks to the Summer Streets initiative, which closes streets to traffic and encourages everyone to enjoy them. Take advantage of this unique opportunity if you find yourself in New York in August.

SummerStreets - What to do in New York in August

  • New York Restaurant Week (dates to be announced in 2023 | July 18 – August 21, 2022). To make themselves known to the general public, some of the best restaurants in New York offer fixed-price menus. The perfect occasion to savor the city.
  • Shakespeare in the Park (the whole month). Every summer, the Delacorte Theater in Central Park plays Shakespeare's plays for free night after night. It's a much-loved tradition and although it's in such high demand that tickets are hard to come by, it's worth a try!
  • Harlem Week (August 10 – 20, 2023). Want visit the Harlem neighborhood but you don't know where to start? During August, the neighbors organize performances, street fairs and activities, a great excuse to visit for a weekend.

Harlem Guide - Harlem Week

Special plans for 2023

In addition to the typical plans, this year you can also enjoy:

  • The Friends Experience (2023). If you're a Friends fan, you still have time to discover the settings and secrets of the series in this temporary exhibition, which recreates places like Monica's apartment in detail. 🎟 Here you can buy tickets and here we tell you our experience.Friends Exhibition in New York - Central Perk
  • Harry Potter: The Exhibition (until October 2023). A new exhibition on the universe of Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals comes to New York. If you're a fan of HP, don't miss it! Here we show you how it is.Harry Potter exhibition in New York
  • Disco Skating at Rockefeller Center (until October 2023). After removing the ice skating rink, Rockefeller Center installs Flipper's, an ice skating rink vintage that stays in the square until October.
  • Candlelight Concerts. These are concerts of various genres (jazz, classical music, poptributes to groups, film soundtracks...) that take place in different settings of the city, from churches to hotels, the candlelight. 🎟 Here you can see the next.

Other great plans in New York

In addition to the August celebrations, in the New York calendar We collect many more proposals for each month.

To whet your appetite, you can:

And you, have you ever traveled to New York in August? Did it seem like a good time to discover the city?

New York guide updated May 2023.

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