A World of Offers: Summer Holidays 2022

We launch promotion! A World of Offers has arrived to make you happy on your next summer vacation 2022. Enjoy incredible discounts of up to €1000 in any of the web trips. Do you want summer and travel? Now is the time, you have Until June 30th to book and benefit from our irresistible offers.

We offer you the most inspiring trips to plan your next getaway. From the vibrant cities of Europeto the exotic contrasts of Asiagoing through the fascinating landscapes of America and Oceania or the wild environment of Africaall A world of Offers Is waiting for you. Don't let it go!

Do you need inspiration? These are some of our best-selling destinations, continent by continent, the best ideas and the perfect inspiration for the summer vacation this 2022 become the trip of your life:

Europe is capable of satisfying the tastes of any traveler thanks to its magical diversity. Cultural, adventure, nature or relaxation trips... everything is possible in the Old Continent. Do you want to discover it and spend your next vacation immersed in fairytale cities or paradisiacal islands? Plan today an unforgettable vacation in Europe and save up to €1000 if you book before June 30!

Italy It gives off history, culture and gastronomy on all four sides, which is why it never disappoints. Our itineraries through this joyful and passionate country will surprise and enrich your traveling soul. Let yourself be seduced by Rome and Venicetwo of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world and discover the treasures of the Renaissance in the elegant Florencethe capital of the bucolic region of Tuscany. Discover our selection of travel to italy today and save up to €1000 if you book before June 30!

Another of the most attractive countries in Europe that you can visit is Greece. It is a very complete destination that will allow you to discover the countless historical treasures of the so-called “cradle of civilization” and some of the most paradisiacal beaches on the continent. If you want to have a 2022 unforgettable commitment to this Mediterranean paradise. Marvel at the majestic Acropolis of Athens and navigate through it Aegean Sea to meet the romantic Mykonos and santorini, two of the most famous islands in the world. Do you have a better plan? Well now is the time thanks to A World of Offers. Booking before June 30 and save up to €1000!

South America it is full of impressive landscapes and offers unrepeatable adventures. Let yourself be seduced by the rich history of its complex and mysterious civilizations and travel to this land of unique culture and traditions. From glaciers to deserts to tropical jungles, Latin America has it all and it's on sale! Plan your next vacation today and save up to €1000. run, you have until the June 30th!

MexicoIt is one of the best places to travel in all of Latin America. It exceeds all expectations due to its diverse culture, its colorful colonial towns, its sublime landscapes. Our different itineraries will allow you to know both the coast and the interior of the mariachi country.

If you want a vacation in paradise, your destination is the Mayan Rivierato explore the ancient Mayan archaeological sites, snorkel in the sacred cenotes and walk along the idyllic white sand beaches lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the sea Caribbean. Booking before June 30 and benefit from a discount of up to €1000!

lovers of Peru they are in luck. they will be able to save up to €1000 if they book before June 30. If your dream is to follow the sacred footprints of the incas since the Andes to the Amazonexplore the captivating ruins of Macchu Picchu and the sacred Valleydiscover the mysterious Nazca lines or browse the iconic Titicaca lakePeru Is waiting for you! Take advantage of our promotion "A World of Offers" and book now!

Africa It is the second largest continent on Earth, but it is as huge as it is diverse. Deserts, savannahs, tropical forests, marvelous beaches and all seasoned with the presence of spectacular wildlife and great captivating cultures. It is undoubtedly a unique continent that offers unique experiences. Now is the time to travel with exoticca to the "cradle of humanity" and save up to €1000!

It's time to discover one of the most amazing and important civilizations in all of history thanks to A World of Offers. Egypt It is an exciting destination for its beauty. Be ecstatic before the greatness of the giza pyramidsappreciates the inestimable value of the pharaonic temples of luxor and aswannavigate the exotic and fertile Nile river while you watch movie sunsets or dive into the rich waters of the Red Sea. If you book before June 30 you can save up to €1000!

Tanzania it is a dream for many travelers. Make a safari It is a once in a lifetime experience, there is no doubt that it is another way of getting closer and connecting with nature, so take advantage of the moment to go in search of the big five in this awesome country. Explore its famous national parks and its abundant ecosystems, such as Tarangire he lake manyara or the Ngorongoro, beautiful natural wildlife sanctuaries. Enjoy discounts of up to €1000 if you book before June 30!

exoticca puts the whole world at your fingertips. Visit the website and plan your next vacation before June 30 to take advantage of our promotion A World of Offers andsave up to €1000!

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