5 places where camping in Spain is a dream

It is clear that Spain is a country so full of nature and dream corners that looking for places to spend a few days surrounded by silence and peace is not difficult.

There are many ways to enjoy nature while you travel. You can go on a picnic, you can go to a rural house, you can stop and go hiking. But without a doubt one of the best things you can do is go camping.

One of the traveling activities that I like the most is going camping. I put the tent in the car or on the bicycle and I launch myself, sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with a specific destination.

That is why today I want to talk to you about what, for me, are the true dream places to go camping in Spain.

It is clear that I will leave many out and surely you have other suggestions. Please, write in the comments or on social networks what you think should be included.


5 cool camping destinations in Spain

I define cool as one that is great because it covers many needs but at the same time it is a magical connection with nature.

So here they go.

Asturias, from beach to mountain

Asturias It is, without a doubt, synonymous with nature. Green, sea, mountain and animals coexist in the same territory and make the visitor have unforgettable moments.

Although I could only recommend one area, I think Asturias has so much to see that you can make a trip that includes sea and mountains.

A good option is to go to the Somiedo lakes if you are looking for greenery and mountains. But if what you want is to go down to the beach and dare to explore the Cantabrian Sea, it is a good idea to visit Cudillero or Luarca.

Costa Brava, calm in the north

Many times we make the mistake of thinking that if you go to the beach, all you have to do is rent a house or go to a hotel with a pool.

Breaking that stereotype can lead to very pleasant surprises. This is the case of the Costa Brava.

Famous in summer with a multitude of people enjoying the sun and the sea, the Costa Brava is one of my favorite corners, but I find it very interesting even in autumn and winter.

When the number of visitors drops and the weather still allows it, going camping is a highly recommended option.

If you want a suggestion go to Colera. In it campsite Sant Miquel you will have a great time. It is a very small town in the north of the Costa Brava where you can continue enjoying the comforts of larger cities but much more connected with nature.

Balearic Islands, a different plan

Since we are talking about traditional beach spots why don't we go even a little further and go to the Balearic Islands.

Like the Costa Brava, it is often thought that you cannot go far from the beach and hotels with swimming pools. But the alternatives are very interesting.

Just for a moment imagine the cool breeze from the sea, the sun that warms your skin and the view that is lost on that warm and turquoise sea that awaits you for a dip.

Now that you have imagined it, think that all this can be mixed with the connection with nature in an almost magical way, in the form of camping.

One of the attractions, for me the main one, is that you can combine the sea and the beach with hiking trails. This is one of the great advantages of camping, which opens the doors to options that often escape us.

Cádiz, the magic of the south

Cádiz has something that I don't quite know how to describe, but that always attracts me. Maybe it's that mix of weather, people, nature and food that makes you always want to spend time there.

If we talk about nature and climate, I like to think that you will agree with me that the best time is outdoors.

You can go to areas like Conil de la Frontera to take advantage of those long beaches that are a magnet for the eyes. You can spend the day between the campsite and the beach.

But if you want to explore more "traditional" places, go to Tarifa where there are camping options, making a bit of a counterbalance with the hotels.

Now, do you want something a little different? You can go to Barbate where everything is much calmer and there are fewer people. It is one of my favorite areas without a doubt.

Basque Country, sunsets and beauty

I can't stop writing this short list without mentioning one of my favorite places in the world: Basque Country.

I know that said like that it sounds very generic and you are going to ask me for detailed explanations of specific places to go. I'm sorry, but the same thing happens to me as with Asturias.

In the Basque Country there is so much to choose from and no option will disappoint you as you could go anywhere and leave wanting to return.

Leaving words aside, if you want to know why I think it is one of the best places to go camping in Spain, it is because of some corners that I am in love with.

Go to Itziar in Deba, set up your tent and wait for sunset. You will cry with emotion and you will wonder why you did not go before. In the same sunset while the sun splashes your face you will feel how the sea catches you on one side and the mountains on the other.

If this does not convince you, go to Mendexa, which is less than 50 kilometers from Bilbao and has less than 500 inhabitants. Obviously the sea will welcome you again as you deserve.

I could go on all day writing about places to connect with nature and where to go camping in Spain, but I preferred to put what stands out for me as a first approximation.

There will always be time to continue camping and choosing sites.

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