10 tips for traveling to Edinburgh

Many years living in Edinburgh They have allowed me to see everything. But mainly, to observe the visitor, the city and me.

What for me is an everyday thing, travelers are so attracted to it that they can stay engrossed for a long time.

I see someone wearing a kilt and it is as if he saw someone with pants; but a traveler will stop to take a photo.


Tips for traveling to Edinburgh

I am not going to give you super complicated or extremely important advice. If you want to see much more, I advise you to look at what I have written about Edinburgh.

With these tips I want you to:

  • Have a more entertaining trip
  • Don't make a local angry
  • You will be able to move better around the city
  • Find acceptable accommodation
  • you can eat well
  • Go to places that are really important
  • you can understand people
  • And above all, that you take a good memory of your trip

Here it always gets dark at a strange hour

In summer it is very late. I have seen people go up at 6 in the afternoon, in summer, to Arthur's Seat to watch the sunset. They did not know that the wait was at least four hours.

In summer you can see clear blue sky even at 11.30pm. The sunset can occur between 9.30 and 10.30 depending on the date.

In winter, after eating. If it is not cloudy in winter you will be able to see the sunset from 2.30 or 3 in the afternoon. The days are very short and you must hurry.

Clothing for Edinburgh - City Center

If you are one of the people who eat late, you will have the evening with the desktop.

Wrap up, at least a little

A few days ago it was hot. I was happy that I could finally go out with shorts and a T-shirt (something that can be done very little here) and I thought that everyone would be the same.

I went to a park for a walk and I realized that all the travelers were wearing a jacket or something that covered them a little more. All of them.

Very warm clothes to travel to Edinburgh in winter

I have learned that if you do not come from a place where it is cold or cool all year round, you should bring something warm. that's why to know what clothes to wear to edinburgh It is something you should know before traveling.

There are places where you can leave it for a second trip

One of the most controversial articles in El Blog de Viajes has been the anti-advice What NOT to see in Edinburgh.

It's not that it's not worth it, really, but if you come with little time or if you want to travel to other areas of Scotlandyou can put it aside.

The Botanical Garden is incredible, but it is a botanist like many others. Portobello beach is not great and you can be disappointed.

You already know that if you have doubts, you can always send me an email or ask me anywhere.

In summer everything will be full… Always!

It's not a surprise, I know. A European capital in the middle of summer fills up. But believe me, for example, August, it can be a bit chaotic in Edinburgh.

as a result of Fringe Festival Travelers from all over the UK come to the city. Edinburgh may quintuple its population in August.

Edinburgh buildings.

The big problem lies in the accommodation. My advice is to come in August if you wish, but plan ahead to avoid surprises.

Expand your accommodation area

Speaking of accommodation, I recently helped three people find a place to sleep. All of them agreed on one wish: to stay in the center of the city.

I also want that almost always because I have everything at hand. But sometimes we have to expand our area to get better options.

As I have reasons not to use Airbnb anymoreI am going to tell you about the hotels in Edinburgh.

The city center has many options, but the prices can be very high and the options few.

The Scotsman newspaper building from outside.

Just by moving around a bit you will find nicer places, old houses converted into B&Bs and beautiful hostels for less.

Do not rule out looking at the Mayfield B&Bs or even going out a little more and going to Leith and you can take advantage of visit the britannia ship.

The city is very well connected, use the bus calmly

Whether you are looking for an activity that is a bit far from the center or your hotel is not very central, don't worry: the buses work great.

Getting around on public transport in Edinburgh too easy. The buses will always be very punctual. If they have arrived at their stop before, they will remain detained there until the exact minute of departure.

If a bus does not take you from door to door, sometimes it leaves you only a five minute walk from your destination.

You can download the official app of the bus and tram where you can see timetables, buy tickets and plan your trip.

Museums are free, take advantage of them

Museums throughout Scotland are free. I love saying this because it is not something that looks so easy in other countries.

My tip is visit the National Museum of Scotland. Of course, you must go with time to see and have fun (yes, fun) because you will not want to leave that place. There you can see Dolly the sheep, famous for being the first cloned mammal.

What to see in Edinburgh - Sheep Dolly in the museum.

It's not just an art museum, but combines science and anthropology with lots of interactive options.

But you can also visit art galleries like the Scottish National Gallery (in the center), the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (my favorite) or the Portrait Galleryamong many others.

The accent… Good luck with understanding it

It is one thing to speak English and another to understand what a Scotsman says.

There are Brits who complain that they don't understand what people are saying here. This is something you have to prepare for.

People buying at a stall
You can buy souvenirs from your trip in some stalls

Understanding a Scotsman is not impossible, although at times you will think that they have not left the Middle Ages.

If you are going to travel to Edinburgh you will be lucky to find that the accent is not as strong as in Glasgow or Fife, but you will still have to be patient.

Don't touch Boby's nose, please.

There is no more beloved pup in Scotland than Bobby Greyfriars. He is our dog even though he is gone.

Bobby rose to fame in the 19th century after his owner died and he waited by the grave for 14 years until his own demise. Yes, 14 years waiting for his human's.

Bobby with a sign in English that says "don't touch my nose"

Outside Greyfriars Cemetery is a sculpture, the famous Bobby sculpture. No one knows why tourists have started picking at the nose and wearing down this monument. There were many campaigns to stop doing this, but they were not very successful.

My advice: put your hand in your pockets and take a photo with the sculpture without touching Bobby's nose.

Lunch and dinner early... hurry up if you don't want to go hungry

It has taken me a long time to adjust to dining out times. Coming with the Spanish schedule where you have dinner after 9 is not compatible with Edinburgh and Scotland in general.

My last piece of advice for traveling to Scotland is to keep in mind the lunch and dinner times.

Front of a pub in Edinburgh

It is eaten between 12 and 1. With food there may be a little more flexibility. If you get there at 2 they'll give you a strange look but you might get a plate of something. It is clear that the flexibility is much broader if you only move in tourist areas.

Dinner between 5 and 6 is ideal. You can go to a restaurant and have dinner at 5 in the afternoon without problems. Don't try to do it at 8 because they either tell you the kitchen is closed or they've turned the place into a cocktail place where they might get you something to nibble on.

Remember that these tips want to make your trip to Edinburgh more bearable and that you have a better time, but they are not dogma.

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