10 things to see in Malaga

Do you want to know a destination that has it all? Is Malaga, a city with centuries of history. Located on the Costa del Sol, it offers a range of attractions for all tastes. Culture, sun, beach and adrenaline. Come and discover 10 things to see in Malagaand start your journey now.


What to see in Malaga?

To start the 10 tourist places in Malaga, I grouped them into:

  • Historical Malaga
  • Picasso's Malaga
  • The Malaga of Sun and Beach
  • The Catholic Malaga
  • The Malaga of leisure and recreation

Person on a balcony next to the flag of Spain.

Historical Malaga

The Capital of the Costa del Sol has been a tourist city since its inception. Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and Catholics. All the cultures that passed through Malaga left their mark. Here the most important:

1- Gibralfaro Castle

The castle is located on top of Mount Gibralfaro. Built on the ruins of a lighthouse of Phoenician origin, in order to protect the citadel. It became an almost impregnable fortress.

From its keep, you can appreciate impressive views of the city.

I recommend you take the bus and walk down, to enjoy the views from the viewpoints along the way. Here you can take amazing photos!

You always have the most comfortable option to take a tour, for example: Guided tour of the castle of Gibralfaro

2- Fortress of Malaga

the citadel It is the most emblematic historical monument of Malaga.

Alcazaba is a word of Arabic origin that means fortified citadel with walls.

It is a fortress and palatial residence. It was built by the Muslims at the time of greatest splendor in Malaga. Of Nasrid style, it combined military innovation with tranquility and peace. This is thanks to its gardens and fountains of great beauty.

3- Roman Theater

The Roman theater of Malaga It is the most important sign of the Roman presence in the city. It is located at the foot of the citadel, and was discovered by chance.

Admission is free, and it is an invitation to discover and understand the origins of the city.

Roman theater of Malaga

The mix of cultures that came to Malaga lives on in its rich historical heritage. That legacy is present throughout the city today

Both the citadel of Malaga As the Roman Theater of Malaga can be visited in a combined tourwhich I recommend.

4- Shipyard Market

In the center of the city is the Central Market of Atanazabas. This was where the main Nasrid shipyard was located.

Fruits in the Malaga Market.

The neo-Arabic style building with iron arches is currently the most important market in the city. It is a meeting point for tourists and people from Malaga, who buy fresh produce here every day. Stalls selling meat, fish, and fruit. Vendors of artisan products, who offer tasting. Also traditional tapas bars and restaurants. It is a feast for the senses.

Picasso's Malaga

As you well know, Malaga was the birthplace of the illustrious artist Pablo Picasso. One of the most influential of the 20th century.

Picasso Museum of Malaga.

Pablo Picasso is present in every corner of the city where he was born. corners that marked his life and work, monuments in his honor.

5- Picasso Museum Malaga

The inevitable place to visit in Malaga is undoubtedly the Picasso Museum Malaga. It is located in the Buenavista Palace. It is a majestic building, with beautiful gardens declared a national monument.

Before housing the Museo Picasso Málaga, it was the palace of fine arts in Málaga.

6- Picasso Birthplace Museum

Another museum dedicated to Pablo Picasso in Malaga is the Picasso Birthplace Museum. Here you will see how the Malaga that saw the illustrious artist grow was like, and his influence on his work.

Malaga is known for its great cultural heritage. The city has a large offer of museums. In addition to those mentioned dedicated to the illustrious Malagueño, you can visit:

The Catholic Malaga

7- Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation

The Malaga Cathedral It is the most important in Andalusia. It has a mixture of architectural styles, over which the Renaissance prevails. Its construction took 250 years and still has not been completed. It lacks a tower, which is why it is popularly known as "The One-handed".

Elderly person walking in front of the cathedral of Malaga.

Malaga has many churches worth visiting. The Malagueño people have very famous devotional rituals. This is the case of Holy Week, where the brotherhoods of Malaga parade through the main streets.

The Malaga of Sun and Beaches

The city of Malaga is located on the Costa del Sol, one of the main destinations in the world for sun and beach tourism. Most of the year its days are sunny, and ideal for enjoying the beach and the Mediterranean Sea.

You can read the article I wrote to know more about the best beaches in Malaga.

8- La Malagueta beach

It is the most central and famous beach in the city. In its famous beach bars, you can spend a relaxed afternoon and enjoy its typical food, the sardine spit.

Signboard for the beach of Malaga, La Malagueta.

I know that there are more paradisiacal and solitary beaches, but this is one of those very practical because it is "just around the corner".

Other beaches in the city are:

from the cove

Where you can practice water sports,

The stick

Surrounded by a fishing village, it is a beach with calm waters, ideal for spending the day with the family.

Cape Rock

This more remote and solitary beach invites you to escape the hustle and bustle and find a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Malaga of leisure and recreation

Malaga is synonymous with leadership in the tourism industry. This is thanks to its attractions and gastronomy.

Here you eat very well either in a haute cuisine restaurant or in the stalls on the beach. Its wide range of activities and shopping centers make it a complete destination.

9- Dock One

The port area is the most modern Malaga. Here you will find the pier onean outdoor mall.

At its end is The Lamppost of Malaga, the symbol of the city. I recommend you spend the afternoon here and watch the sunset, a wonderful experience.

Here you can visit the Pompidou Center, and appreciate its extensive artistic collection. You can also enjoy one of the best views of the city from the Ferris Wheel.

10- Larios Street

The street marques de larios It is the most famous in Malaga. It is a commercial pedestrian street and is among the most expensive in Spain. The larios street It is surrounded by elegant and beautiful buildings. During Christmas time, it is completely covered in lights.

a bonus

Parks and gardens scattered throughout the city.

  • Malaga or Alameda Park
  • Dark Gate Gardens
  • Huelin Park
  • Picasso Gardens
  • Conception Botanical Garden

In Malaga, it's easy to escape the bustle and relax.

When you get to Malaga I recommend you take a free tour to take a first look at the city.

Now yes, enjoy the 10 things to see in Malaga on your next trip. This is the moment, because Malaga is a destination to enjoy all year round.

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